Monday, 13 July 2009

Le Goûter - Yummy French Afternoon Chocolate Snack

The traditional afternoon snack for French children when they return home after a long day studying at school (known as "Le Goûter" - pronounced goo-tay) consists of an energy boosting chocolate sandwich.

A French baguette is sliced longways, buttered and then filled with as many squares of chocolate as you can cram in! It doesn't matter that because of the butter, most of them will slip out when you bite into it - it's all part of the fun!

Many adults have fond memories of this snack and will still indulge today - we do!

If you're out with a party that includes children, it's not unusual for parents to whip out a length of baguette and some chocolate from their bag to feed their flagging youngsters. Even without the butter, they love it!

We had to pay hommage to this simple, delicious treat in miniature...

Le Goûter - French afternoon snack in miniature by Paris Miniatures, Emmaflam and Miniman
As well as including the bread, chocolate and salted butter (marked in French "Demi-Sel", just like the real full-sized ones!) we added a jug and glass of chilled milk to add to the pleasure!

The whole ensemble is presented on a wooden tray decorated with a reproduction of a vintage French chocolate poster from Menier.

Hmmm, feeling peckish now...


  1. Your minis are truly lifelike...and oh my goodness does this snack sounds yummy!!!

  2. Mmmh ça donne envie d'un bon goûter !