Monday, 21 June 2010

SIMP Miniatures Show 2010

We had a really enjoyable day at the SIMP miniatures show which took place in Paris yesterday. We met lots of lovely smiley-faced people (name checks further down this post).  It's always a welcome change to meet people face-to-face rather than virtually, and to be able to have a real conversation.

And we couldn't have been better placed - in between the talented Véronique Bailleul (thanks for the Bounty!) and Michelle LeBouteiller.  In fact it was Véronique that advised me to do a show a few years back.

On s'est bien amusés hier au SIMP, bien au chaud entre Michelle (petits bonheurs) et Véronique Bailleul (merci pour le bounty!) qui d'ailleurs est une des première personne à qui j'ai montré ce que je faisais, il y a quelques anné qui travaille le bois comme personne, j'adore!

We thought you might enjoy some photos of our stand.  We only had one metre of space into which we had to cram about three metre's worth of miniatures, but exceptionally, having arrived more than the traditional 10 minutes before the show opened (early mornings?  Yuk!) we had time to play around before the hoards were let in.  And I just found a whole drawer full of stock that I forgot to take and hadn't even realised until now... :-/

Évidemment, après des semaines de panique à penser qu'il n'y aurait pas assez à montrer, force était de constater qu'à l'inverse, il y en avait trop!!!!  Au point que j'en avais oublié plein à la maison....sans compter tout ce qui était "presque" fini.....pffffffffff!!!

OK, some of the smiley-faces...!

Rosanna,who was doing her first show with her gorgeous needlepoint, Christel, (oooooh my god, can you believe I forgot about this clock I wanted until this morning?!!!!  Well, it seems you forgot as well:) Synnove, Marcella, Jackie from Scotland, Sophie (happy two year wedding anniversary for today!), ElenaArantxa, Corinne, Anita, Annabelle (who makes the most exquisite miniature babies).  And of course, Marie-Pierre, who was (all always will be!) the very first "Emmaflam & Miniman" customer :o)

C'était l'occasion de rencontrer  ou retrouver plein de gens fort sympathique de la sphère internet dont Rosanna qui sait tenir une aiguille, et pas qu'un peu!  Christel, Synnove, Marcella, Jackie, Soffy, Elena, Aranxta, Corinne, Anita, Annabelle qui fait de sublimes bébé plein d'autres! Et bien sûr, Marie-Pierre, qui est et restera pour toujours la toute première cliente d'Emmaflam & Miniman :o)

A big thank you to Peiwen for the lovely hortensia flower and all of her kind words about my work :o)

Nous avons aussi rencontré l'adorable Peiwen (Oiseau de Nim) qui m'a offert un hortensia (que nous allons tenter de replanter :) merci Oiseau!

I just had to put one of my miniature ones with it!
J'ai pas pu résister!

And sweetest surprise of the day?  Leyla, Annabelle's cute daughter who loves cakes and seems taken with my mini cakes has set her heart on doing the same and sent her Mum to the show with some miniature liquorice and a tiny box that she made from Fimo.  And for a 6 year old, I think she's off to a flying start!

Mais la plus jolie surprise de la journée, je la dois à la fille d'Annabelle, Leyla, qui aime beaucoup les gâteaux, les vrais qui se mangent, et les petits que je fais en fimo. Elle m'a offert plein de bonbons au réglisse anglais et une petite boîte en Fimo adorable!

Le plus fort, c'est que Leyla n'a que six ans et demi, je crois que la relève est assurée, n'est ce pas?!
Merci beaucoup et gros bisous Leyla :o)


  1. Thank you Emma & Neil, you are always sweet and nice and kind. It's been a big pleasure to meet you. My purchases from you have aroused a "few" ohs and ahs but they all had to keep their eyes into their sockets when I've shown you your cakes. See you next year, Rosanna (^_^)

  2. moiiii ausssiiii jetaiiis laaaaa!!

    Bon en meme tps moi je nai pas fait la liste de ts les gens recontrés haha!

  3. Unos trabajos geniales!!!
    Mw hubiese encantado estar en esa feria y verlos en vivo.
    Me alegro que lo hayas pasado bien.
    Un detalle muy bonito el de la cajita de regaliz (tan pequeñita y ya haciendo minis jejeje)
    besitos ascension

  4. Hi Again!!

    I'ts been a pleasure meet you and see your stand there have a lot of wonderfull mini things and the cupcake a Hello Kitty was genial.

    Many Hugs!!

    Arantxa Madrid

  5. Your stand looks amazing and it sounds like such an exciting time. I know how wonderful SIMP can be (2008), so I know part of what I missed out on....but to have met all those fellow blogger would have been fabulous.....maybe next year?

    I adore all the photos!

    Linda x

  6. Tout est magnifique!
    ça devait être grandiose...foutus exams, j'aurais aimé être là!!!

    Les réglisses de Leyla sont justes trop chou ^^


  7. I stood in front of your stand for a long time and could not leave.
    So many beautiful things enlightened me! :)

    Very happy to see you and Neil!


  8. I am sure your stand was one of the 'big' attractions, it looks wonderful.

  9. Contente pour vous que vous rapportiez des bons souvenirs de ce salon !
    J'ai pensé à vous !

  10. Trés jolie table!!!
    Ton travail est trés dèlicat et charmant!!!
    Moi aussi j'aurais aimé visiter ce Salon.

  11. Your stand looks fabulous...I would like some of those chairs in my life-size dining room!

  12. Lovely to see you guys again. I never can resist buying something. Your work really is some of the best in the world.

  13. J'adore tout ça, c'est trop mignon! Venez-vous faire des foires en Angleterre bientôt?

    I love it all, it's too cute! Are you coming to a fair in England soon?

  14. thank you for my two year wedding anniversary !! You are so lovely !
    I am so happy with my too cute hello kitty's cupcake !! Your table was wonderfull !!
    Bravo à Leyla qui est aussi douée que sa maman.

  15. I can't believe I've missed this show by a few days!! I live in Paris and it was only last week when I really discovered miniatures and I'm IN LOVE with them! I'd love to try to make them too! Yours are amazing, perfectly detailed, perfect color compositions, and your ideas and collections are fantastic! Your stand in incredible. Even the little furniture is exactly the style I love! Wow I'm speechless!!
    I'll follow your blog (now that I've looked at ALL your pictures!) and can't wait for more!

  16. Oh darn...I did put the clock inside my stairs, but forgot about it eventually. Hmpf:/ What to do?
    Lovely new items on your blog:)