Wednesday 10 July 2019

Our Swan House Miniatures Saga

I have a problem with Mr Greg Madl from Swanhouse Miniatures...AGAIN.

Here are the plain and simple facts, we have all documents to back them up.
  • Between June 2005 and January 2006, Mr Madl purchased a few items from us through Ebay. We didn't know who he was. He offered to retail our work. We declined as we prefer to look after it ourselves.
  • Soon after, we were informed by a head writer for numerous important miniatures magazines that Mr Madl was selling our work on his site under the generic name "French Banquet" knowing full well that this was against our will.
  • We asked Mr Madl to stop this immediately. He replied that he would. However this took several months.
  • We met Mr Madl at the 2007 SIMP miniatures show in Paris. Mr Madl came to see us, apologised for his 'misunderstanding' (his words) and shook our hands saying that it wouldn't happen again.
  • A few months passed. A new buyer on Ebay using the name "snookiewon" won a batch of our items. Using a simple address check (which revealed that the contact details provided to Ebay by the seller were false), we discovered that this was Mr Madl who was using the name "George Model". This was confirmed when "George Model" replied to us denying our claim, signing his email....Greg! We said we'd prefer to keep the items and leave it there.
  • The items were relisted and many of them were purchased by someone using the Ebay ID "miniaturemaker". This was in July 2008.
  • Yesterday, alerted by a friend, I discovered these very items (from 2005 and July 2008) are currently for sale on Mr Madl's website.
  • I would have most certainly approached Mr Madl to settle this, but not only does he continue to not respect my choice as an artisan, he doesn't respect the miniatures themselves and I want people to know about it:

  • Here are the pictures of my work that Mr Madl currently has on his site. Remember this is someone claiming to "represent" miniature artisans from around the world.
Swan House Miniatures

Swan House Miniatures

Swan House Miniatures

  • To be clear - there is no way whatsoever that you should buy our miniatures through anybody other than us - Emma and Neil. Any other method exposes you to second hand items, possibly damaged and likely overpriced.
Thank you for reading this. Please be careful with your purchases and don't hesitate to leave your opinion (which can be anonymous!) and let's hope this sorry affair with Mr Madl is over.

Saturday 11 May 2019

For Mother's Day Weekend Save 15% on Etsy!

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Although it's Mother's Day in the US (and other countries) you don't have to be in the US or be a mom to enjoy the discount! Daughters, dads, uncles, aunties, cousins, pets from any country - anyone can use it (until midnight on Sunday 12 May 2019).

Go on, treat yourself...

Thursday 17 May 2018

Saturday 2 September 2017

Labor Day Weekend - Save 15% in our Etsy store!

To celebrate Labor Day weekend, you can save 15% on everything in our Etsy store until midnight on Monday 4 September.

Two things:

1) You don't have to be in the USA - everyone can save!

2) You don't need a discount code - the discount is already applied to the items (hooray!).

3) Yes, I know I said "two things", but I changed my mind... We've re-listed dozens of classic Halloween and Fall pieces which are also included in the promotion! We'll have some new pieces for 2017 later in September.

Have a wonderful weekend!