Monday, 21 December 2009

Festive Miniatures!

A few new festive pieces to show you...made this weekend while we were snowed in!

Available in our Etsy store right now - click here to see more

Christmas door wreath (our favourite wreath from this year!)


Festive St Honoré

Friday, 11 December 2009

Four Miniatures and a Birthday / Quatre Miniatures et un Anniversaire

Woohoo!  It's Friday, the end of another week.  What a hectic one it was!  It'll be rounded off in a few minutes by the arrival of my parents (who have just driven 850 km !!).  As if we're not stressed enough by Christmas!

AAAAHHHAAAHhh, vendredi, enfin "Friday night with Jonathan Ross" sur BBC1 (Nous avons des amis fort bien équipés en télé...) - Quand je pense que je paye la redevance pour la télé Franç secours!

Et quelle semaine de dingues, on a fait du bateau - on vous racontera - des macarons - vous verrez plus tard - et mes parents déboulent de leur Provence, comme si on était pas assez stressé comme ça avec Noël !

But that's the least of my worries at the major occupation this weekend will be preparing for Neil's birthday on Sunday.  And it's a big one - my Miniman will be 40!!!!

Mais en fait, c'est le dernier de mes soucis pour le moment, puisque j'ai quelques bricoles à faire afin de célébrer dignement l'anniversaire de mon "N%$£*" (c'est privé, les petits noms!)
Et cette fois on ne rigole plus, c'est un qui finit par zéro, celui qui fait péter les plombs (surtout les miens :-), il nous fait le coup des 40....donc pour fêter ça, c'est moi qui ferai le thé toute la journée....

So it's likely we'll be away from the computer over the weekend and into early next week...but before we go, here are a few more Christmas items for which will be heading onto Etsy soon.

Alors bien sûr, les jours qui viennent, et le début de la semaine prochaine, ce sera calme plat sur l'interweb, mais au moins, on a une paire de mignonnes choses à vous montrer ;-)

We've come up with some real cuties this week!

A plate of Christmas nibbles
Une assiette de biscuits

A set of Christmas Cups and a Mug (only one available!)
Un trio de tasses et mug Noëlissimme!

A right pair of puddings!
La tuerie de Christmas pudding d'Angleterre, miam miam!!

A tiny Christmas pudding in a presentation box
Et un bébé pudding, dans sa boîte, voilà!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Puddings & Cookies - Christmas Update

Another Sunday closer to Christmas and we're still battling our way through orders while trying to juggle Ebay, Etsy and an email in-box that just won't empty!   Fortunately we managed to find time to fit in Strictly Come Dancing last night - and whatever happens, we're downing tools for Top Gear tonight!

Vive la BBC!

Here's a quick update - the following have just gone up in our Etsy store - click here to see all the Christmas items we currently have available there.

A Christmas Pudding...

...on a vintage shabby chic stand

A box of Christmas cookies...

...that come out of the box

Some sugary meringues in a Christmas gift box

Don't forget that our Christmas eBay auctions finish this evening (Sunday) around 8:00 - 8:30 pm GMT - still a bargain or two to be had...!

Remember that we're getting close to last posting dates, so don't delay if there's something you need in time for Christmas!

Have great Sunday!
Emma and Neil

Friday, 4 December 2009

Paris Christmas Windows (with Video!)

Another weekend approaches, and many of us will soon be braving the busy streets again in search of gifts, bargains, and the perfect pair of socks for that distant cousin you haven't seen since 1992...

A couple of weeks ago we were in the centre of Paris for the opening of a friend's art display at a Parisian gallery.  As the opening wasn't until the evening, we decided to set off early and spend some time wandering around, and if time allowed, visit the "grands magasins", those large Parisian department stores such as Galeries Lafayette, BHV and Printemps.

At this time of year it's practically impossible to walk on the pavement in front of these stores because of the bustling crowds of people staring at the windows.  The reason?  The Christmas window displays!

All along the Boulevard Haussmann, people jostling to get the best view of the windows collide with people trying to get to wherever, the result is often carnage!

So we were amazed to find that on this particular evening, the street was relatively calm, which meant that we could get close up to those windows!

Below is a selection of photos that you can enjoy from the safety of your computer!  And because many of the windows are animated, at the end of this post, you'll find a video of some of the cute animated teddy bear windows...

This pretty shop window was in the Passage Jouffroy...

And here's the video!  You can watch it here but we recommend that you go to the YouTube page to enjoy it in full HD!