Friday, 22 November 2013

Sneak Peek - Paris Création Miniatures Show

Just two days remain until the Paris Création miniatures show which means no more mini-making at all - it's too late!  Speaking from experience, working until two in the morning on the eve of a show only results in burning Fimo or falling asleep with paintbrush in hand.....yep, in the past I've done both!

Neil always tells me "look, no-one will ever know that you ran out of time to make such-and-such"....and it's true!  YOU WON'T NOTICE THE THINGS I NEVER HAD TIME TO MAKE!!!

Nevertheless with work on the house still going on after weeks of it and the shortest of naps being taken by our own 2 year old miniature, I have to confess that the stand may not have enough for everybody!! :)

So scroll down and have a look at the photos of the things that are ready and we'll go and tidy up and get ready for Sunday.  No more Fimo between now and then (well maybe a little...!!!)

If you're coming on Sunday, be sure to drop by and say "Hello".  To everyone else, have a great weekend!

Oooops, juste deux jours avant Paris-Créations, c'est à dire on ARRETE de fabriquer quoi que ce soit, c'est trop tard!!!....avec l'expérience, il semble que tout ce qu'on fait de bien à deux heures du mat' la veille d'un expo, c'est risquer de cramer de la fimo ou de s'endormir avec un pinceau à la main.....ouais, j'ai déjà fait les deux :)

En plus Neil me dit toujours "mais enfin, personne ne le sait que t'avais prévu de faire tel truc et que tu n'as pas eu le temps" c'est VRAI!!!! CA NE SE VOIT PAS,  LES TRUCS QUE J'AI PAS EU LE TEMPS DE FAIRE!!!!!

Néanmoins, en quelques semaines avec des travaux dans tous les sens et la plus petite quantité de sieste jamais produite par le "mini -nous", faut bien avouer qu'il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde!!!! :)

Un petit coup d'oeil aux photos pour  donner envie de venir voir de plus près, et maintenant, on range et on prépare, plus de fimo (si, allez un petit peu? NAN J' AI DIT!!!)
Allez les gens, à dimanche, et les autres, bon week end aussi :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Win Two Tickets to "Paris Creation" - 24 November 2013. Gagnez Deux Invitations pour le Salon "Paris Création" !

On a deux entrées pour le salon "Paris Création" le 24 novembre 2013. Ca vous interesse de venir nous voir ?!

Laissez un commentaire sur ce billet - tirage au sort dimanche 10 novembre.

On annoncera le/la gagnant(e) début de la semaine prochaine.

Bon chance et à bientôt à Paris !

We have two invitations* up for grabs to the "Paris Créations" miniature show on Sunday 24 November where we'll be exhibiting our miniatures!

Just leave a comment on this post if you'd like to enter.  We'll do a draw on Sunday 10 November.  The winner will be announced and contacted early next week.

Good luck and maybe we'll see you soon in Paris!

You can find out more details about the show on our show page.

*Entrance tickets only - winner will make their own way to and from the show.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Autumn Cake Pops

Just because Halloween has come and gone doesn't mean that it's the end of our autumn miniatures! 

Collage of miniature cake pops in a glass jar
Miniature cake pops for autumn

Check out this arrangement of autumn-themed cake pops which includes cake pops, "pumpkin pops" and caramel tree lollipops.  Sweeeeet!

Listed in the Paris Miniatures Etsy store here.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumn "Showstopper" Cupcakes!

We've just added a collection of 6 brand new "Showstopper" cupcakes to our Etsy store!

Each one is decorated differently - check out the caramel tree, caramel apple and those tiny chocolate froggies and cat.

Pretty pleased with the results of the photos today seeing as we still don't have the studio set up. We used the 'chair in the garden' technique to get enough light for the pics.  You can't see the wind or feel the cold in this photo (lucky you!) - but the results were worth it.

Right, time to go and get the candy ready for tonight's trick or treat visitors!

Happy Halloween!

Have a frightfully fun day!

Well be back with a new collection of miniatures a little later today...

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Etsy Update - Autumn Gateaux, Cake Pops and Miniature Pumpkins

Fresh from the workshop (okay, kitchen table...), here are the latest autumnal additions to our Etsy store...

Autumn ruffle cake

Autumn ruffle cake

Caramel tart

Caramel tart

Cake pops, pumpkin pops and caramel tree lollipops

Cake pops, pumpkin pops and caramel tree lollipops

 And there are some 12th and 24th scale pumpkins.  Time for a collage!


You can see them now at

Friday, 18 October 2013

Etsy Update - Random Selection of Autumn/Fall Miniatures!

Here is a completely random selection of the autumn-themed miniatures for we've added to our Etsy store over the past few days...

Which is your favourite?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below...

Available here

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fall / Autumn Miniatures

After the pinks of our September miniatures, we move on with the changing of the season to autumn.

The start of autumn is so beautiful!  The rich greens of summer transform into the golden yellows, oranges, reds of autumn.  These new pieces are inspired by these colours.

Don't forget to check out our Etsy store for more like this...


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pink Hutch - Paris-Themed Furniture

To go with our recent Pink Collection, we've made a brand new hutch!

If you've been following our recent listings then you've probably noticed it lurking in the background in many of the pictures.  So here is the finished piece...

It's currently listed in our Etsy store here.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Etsy Update - 15 New Individual Miniature Pastries - All Pink!

We're currently in the middle of our Pink Collection 2013 and are delighted to announce that the individual pastries for the collection are now available!

There are 15 brand new variations on classic French pastries, all in beautiful shades of pink.

Head over to our Etsy store and click on the Individual Pastries link to see them.

Individual pink pastries in 12th in a miniature pâtisserie setting

Individual pink pastries in 12th in a miniature pâtisserie setting - shown with hand for scale

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pink Collection 2013 - it's here!

We're delighted to be able to finally unveil our Pink Collection for 2013 which we're calling

"50 Shades of Pink" 

Nous sommes ravis de vous laisser découvrir enfin notre collection Rose 2013, que nous avons baptisée :

 "50 Nuances de Rose"

It's the culmination of many weeks of frantic planning and work slotted in between workmen, heatwaves, our son (and best miniature!) having his 2nd birthday, family visits, another heatwave and having to migrate the workshop into the kitchen where it remains for now.  

Just to say, we think it's a bloody MIRACLE that we've been able to produce all this!

We hope you enjoy the collection, the first pieces of which are now in our Etsy store.

Comme toujours, c'est le point culminant de mois de boulot, entrelacés de travaux dans tous les sens, de canicules variées, de visites de la famille, des deux ans de notre Mini-nous, et du déménagement desormais officiel de l'atelier dans la cuisine!!!

Autant dire que c'est un foutu MIRACLE que nous ayons réussi à en finir avec nos "50 nuances de Rose", même si c'est de plus en plus tard chaque année!!

Pour fêter ça, les gens, je m'en vais de ce pas commander le bouquin qui nous a inspiré le titre, et qui est vraisemblablement une grosse daube! on vous tient au courant :)

Et pour les miniatures, ça se passe ici:

Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday, 26 August 2013

Etsy Store Update - Sweet Stuff!

We've just added a handful (literally) of new miniatures to our Etsy store.

Tarte aux Cerises - Cherry Tart - French Miniature Food in 12th Scale
Tarte aux cerises - cherry tart

Chocolate 'Pâtisserie' Cheesecake - 12th Scale Miniature Food
Chocolate cheesecake topped with shavings

French Red Fruit Pastries and Chocolates on Stand - 12th Scale Miniature Food
Red fruit pastries and chocolates

Tarte Tatin with serving - French Miniature Food in 12th Scale
Tarte tatin with serving

And here they all are hanging out together...

More soon!