Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Clafouti Collection

A speciality of the Limousin region of France, the clafouti is a baked dessert of traditionally cherries arranged in a baking dish and covered with a delicious batter.

Here is a mini collection of miniature clafouti that we've just finished.  As well as using cherries, there are plums, pears and apricots (although technically these are 'flaugnarde').

Lesson over! 

You can find them in our Etsy store right now...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's (nearly) Valentine's Day - Treat Yourself!

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and it's not too late to add some gorgeous Valentine's themed miniatures to your collection.

You could do the same as some of our other collectors have done and offer yourself a Valentine's day gift from your other half to yourself - that way you're sure to get exactly what you it a "Cupid Cushion Cake", some heart sablés or that beautiful crème brûlée.  Gosh, I wish they were edible!

All of the following are currently available in our Etsy store - you can see all of our Valentine's pieces grouped together by clicking here

Friday, 8 February 2013

Limited Edition Cupid Cake and other Valentine's Miniatures

Each year, to celebrate St Valentine's Day, we create a very special miniature cake in a strictly limited edition quantity.

This year's creation is a beautiful heart-shaped red cushion cake topped with a pair of cupids. We have also made a smaller version that collectors of our individual pastries will love!

You can see both side-by-side in the photo above.

But that's not all!  We've a lovely selection of Valentine-themed miniatures that you're sure to love - truly, madly deeply...

They are now listed in our Etsy store at:

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentine's Day Individual Pastries

After a quiet January we're delighted to be able to show you the first batch of miniatures created especially for Valentine's Day!

If you're already a collector of our individual pastries you'll not want to miss out on these!  You can find them now in our Etsy store

We're also finishing up some one-of-a-kind pieces which we're aiming to have ready for you to see tomorrow/Friday.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

French Country Kitchen Homebaking Mini-Collection

What's a French country kitchen without some tasty home-baked goodies?!  Here are some we recently made for a mini collection...

Tarte aux pommes (apple tart)

Shown on a real apple

Cake aux raisins

Tourte aux cerises (cherry pie)

Dish with hand-painted decoration

All together with pencil for scale
 Oh, and happy new year - oops!