About Us

If you've landed here, the chances are that you're either interested in miniatures, food, France or any combination of the three.

Well, jolly good...so are we!

We are Emmaflam & Miniman, an artistic French "girlie" (Emma) and an English "chap" (Neil) living in France. We've been making miniatures together since 2003 when we first met, although Emma has been making miniatures for over 30 years and Neil started modelling as a young lad.

Since meeting, our lives have been devoted to creating the very best that we can in miniature while enjoying the best food that France has to offer.

It's an ongoing voyage of discovery for Neil and a real pleasure for Emma to share her passion and in-depth knowledge of French cuisine with someone who loves to eat!

We like to think that our enthusiasm for real food and homebaking / cooking is what helps to give our miniature food such wonderful authentic realism.