Saturday, 24 June 2017

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SIMP Show Update

(Scroll down for English version...)

Comme c'est le dernier SIMP, 😢, nous avons décidé de vous faire profiter de plein choses intéressantes oui, vous pourrez trouver sur notre stand un ENORME choix de papiers peints, ainsi que des plinthes et des baguettes, et plein de bricoles diverses :))) bien sûr, les mixers, les marmites, les pinceaux etc....

Evidemment, il y aura une petite gamme de pâtisseries individuelles toutes neuves, et de gâteaux, amoureusement confectionnés pour vous, mais les quantités sont très limitées....vous savez pourquoi...LES CHATONS!!! (Lire plus sur Facebook)

Ah oui, et à la demande générale, je vous ai préparé BEAUCOUP de petites assortiments de biscuits glacés, décorés, des sucettes, chocolats de Pâques, plus craquant les uns que les autres, dans de jolis petits sachets, non collés, que vous pourrez disposer comme vous le souhaitez😇😇😇

Il y en a beaucoup, mais ça part vite, et ils sont presque tous différents.... dis ça , je dis rien....😉

Allez, les gens, à demain😘😘😘 (Peut-être un petit 'live' sur Instagram...? @parisminiatures)

...and in English

As tomorrow is the last SIMP miniatures show😢, we’re going all out to bring you lots of interesting things we’ve not had before! On our stand you’ll find a HUGE selection of miniature wallpaper (in 12th and 24th scale!) as well as loads of wooden mouldings and trims (skirting boards, handrails, dado railing) and many other bits and pieces. All new!

…and of course we’ll have the usual selection of mixers, pots, fine paintbrushes (the very ones I use!)

Obviously there will be some brand new types of individual pastries, miniature cakes, lovingly handmade for you, but the quantities are very limited….you probably know why….THE KITTENS!!! (Read more about them on Facebook)

And because many people have asked for them, I will have LOTS (and I mean LOTS!) of beautiful little sachets of cookies of all types - frosted, decorated, plain, round, square. And lots of Easter stuff! And because they are all loose, you can use them to fill your own plates and displays 😇😇😇. And each selection is pretty much unique!

There are lots, but they go very quickly, so make sure you come and see us early in the morning!

Okay, time to go put the finishing touches on the last pieces!

Hopefully see you on Sunday! 😘😘😘

PS If we have time/coverage, we may try to do a live video on Instagram from the show floor - follow @parisminiatures to see...

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

New Miniatures added to Etsy

We're busy preparing for the SIMP miniatures show in Paris on 25 June (the last one, remember, so if you want to come and see us......)

But we haven't completely forgotten to put some tasty treats in our Etsy store!  Today we have added all of these...

You can find our Etsy store at

Hopefully we'll be able to show you some of the pieces we've made for the SIMP soon.