Sunday, 23 May 2010

Quick Update....

Only four weeks left until the SIMP show and as you can imagine we're busy preparing for that, so apologies for the lack of updates on the blog.

Like many other places, we're enjoying a mini heatwave which is so very nice after all of the miserable spring weather.

We've taken care of the garden so that we can enjoy end-of-the-day BBQs without battling against giant weeds, but obviously most of the time is spent squishing fimo and painting!  We're slipping a few pieces into our Etsy store from time-to-time and today is no exception.  Here are some new one-off pieces:

Gift box of cookies

Summertime cupcakes

Chocolate cake for a sweet-tooth!

Hand-painted French country kitchen chopping board

Hand-painted decorative plate
Hope you enjoyed seeing them :o)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tarte au Citron / Lemon Meringue Pie

Thought you might enjoy seeing a close up of a tarte au citron covered with meringue that I've just finished...

Ca vous tente une petite part de tarte au citron meringuée...?

I wasn't that happy with it (maybe because I didn't want to eat lemon pie when I was making it!), but having seen the photo, I love it!  Now I want to eat some, but there isn't any :-( .....never satisfied ;-)

A vrai dire je n'étais pas ravie ravie du résultat, probablement parce-que ce n'est pas ce que j'avais envie de manger au moment ou je la faisais...(eh oui, c'est compliqué d'avoir de la mini-bouffe sous le nez à longueur de temps!!!)
...mais finalement, le test du gros plan m'a rassurée, et maintenant je l'adore, et j'en veux bien, de la tarte au citron, mais y en a pas :-(......jamais contente;-)

Close up of a miniature tarte au citron
Gros plan test :il faut que ça aie l'air vrai, sinon c'est raté!

From a bit further away...
D'un peu plus loin...

Some of the other pieces finished up today - all now on Etsy!  Now off to the kitchen, the real one, we're starving!
Et quelques bricoles de plus, à voir ici, et maintenant, hop! à la cuisine, la vraie, on a les crocs!

More of today's new creations

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Back Home!

Some of you have noticed that it's been a little quiet round these parts lately.  We decided to take a short break in England...on the DAY OF THE VOLCANO!! So we stayed there much longer than planned :o) Pampered with glorious hot sunny weather (just 10 minutes of showers in nearly 2 weeks!), gorgeous countryside and delicious food, we wanted to stay for as long as possible!

On vous a terriblement manqué, n'est ce pas? ;-)
Nous avions décidé de prendre quelques jours repos en Angleterre.....nous sommes donc partis..LE JOUR DU VOLCAN!! (on est trop forts!), comme ça, pas question de rentrer trop tôt! (Merci , gros nuage d'Islande, t'es mon nouveau meilleur copain!) puis....quand il fait ce temps là en Angleterre,...on y reste le plus longtemps possible, tout simplement!

We saw (and ate several...) MASSIVE scones!
On a vu (et mangé!) des scones GEANTS!

We saw (and ate....ooops!) TINY lambs! OK, we didn't eat these ones...
On a vu (et mangé....oops!), des MINIS agneaux

We enjoyed NORMAL-SIZED locally grown asparagus!
On a apprécié de délicieuses asperges locales de taille NORMALE !

But now we're back, the weather is crappy and we're running out of scones!!  Aaaaargh!
Et bien sûr, maintenant que nous sommes rentrés, le temps est pourri, et on a fini tous nos scones!  Aaaaarghhharhhrhhh!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has emailed us while we've been away.  We'll tackle the replies over the next few days, so please be patient...
A très bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures, les gens!