Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday croissants!

It's not very often that we're up early on a Sunday, day of rest and all that (yeah, right!), but seeing as our craving for croissants didn't go away yesterday, we popped out for brekkie this morning - and guess what we had?

On est pas du matin (euh, surtout la partie française de la bande, à vrai dire...), mais quand il faut, il faut!
Se lever tôt, si c'est pour des croissants, c'est parfaitement acceptable!

This time they're real ones!
Croissant and a pain au chocolat!

There's something beautiful about the texture of a good croissant - those super thin layers of buttery pastry, the golden colour, the light crisp when you bite into it which sends wisps of warm buttery air over the taste buds and flaky crumbs all over your chin...

And all that before 9 o'clock!!!

These miniature versions are now in my Etsy store!
OOOooooh, que c'est beau, un croissant.....

Miniature Viennoiserie - Breakfast Pastries
So what's your dream breakfast?
C'est quoi, le petit déj' de rêve pour vous, les gens?


  1. mmmmmmm, parecen deliciosos.

  2. Yaaaaammmmm. And how many calories they have? I love croissants, but my thighs do not like them ;))

  3. My dream breakfast actually *IS* a croissant! They are just sooooo yum! Your post is now making me crave it bad.... ;-)

  4. Rery realistic and they look delicious!!

  5. Un très bon café et des très bons croissants chauds, voilà !

  6. Thank you ladies, we 'll think of you with our next breakfast! (well, actually I don't think so;-)

  7. Sigh ... thought by some act of magic I'd just fallen back into Saint-Honoré and was about to wolf down one of those glorious, golden, flaky bits of solace with a cup of hot, milky tea ... sans the need for extra butter or preserves.