Sunday, 6 February 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Miniature Food - American Pastries

C'est le week-end  du Super-Bowl, une institution aux States, que nous connaissons surtout au travers d'épisodes de séries, "Friends" ou "The Middle" ou "How I Met Your Mother", .......un peu comme Thanksgiving, bref, c'est un mythe par procuration!

En plus, ici ça se passe en pleine nuit, donc à part la fois ou Prince faisait le concert au milieu et Billy Joel chantait l'hymne Américain au début (là, j'ai pas eu le choix ;-), avouons le,... j'en ai rien à cirer!

Pourtant, une des bonnes raisons de regarder les Super Bowl, ce sont les pubs, mais en France on ne nous les passe pas...heureusement, ya internet, alors si vous ne l'avez pas encore vue, voici une petite merveille.......

Que la force soit avec vous, les gens ;-)

We haven't done anything special in miniature for today's Super Bowl, but I hope you'll enjoy seeing this selection of 'American Pastries' that we made a while back...!

To say that we're not experts on American football is an understatement.  Although it's an institution in the States, we know it more as something that happens each season in shows such as "Friends", "The Middle" or "How I Met Your Mother".

Apart from having to stay up until stupid o'clock to watch the game, the other disadvantage in Europe is that we don't get to see any of the legendary Super Bowl commercials.

A few days ago, Neil showed me this.  At the time there were 36 views.  There are now more than 12,500,000!!!

You'll have already seen it if you follow us on Facebook, but if you haven't yet seen it, you're in for a treat!

Especially if you're strong with The Force...

To all of our friends and followers in the US, 
have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. What a great comercial lol! :)
    Your American pastries look delicious!


  2. That was very funny, thank you for sharing!
    I see three things I really like and which I only eat whenever I am in America: Pecan pie, brownies and carrot cake. They look delicious!

  3. Haha, that was so cute! Thank you for sharing. Your miniature American pastries look delicious. My husband will be watching the superbowl but I'll probably browse Etsy and read blogs:)