Monday, 19 October 2015

Halloween Miniatures on Etsy at 9pm Tonight!

Halloween miniatures coming at 9pm today!
Etsy store:
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  1. Your miniatures are amazing! I always look forward to seeing your newest miniatures (especially the seasonal ones and the pink collection!!) I have been making miniature pastries inspired by your designs. I am amazed by the perfect detail in your miniatures! Also, what do you use for the frosting on the St. Honores and what size pastry tip do you use? The detail is you use any molds for cookies and decorations?

  2. Hi there, I just found your listings on Etsy, and I am positively delighted by the exquisite details of all your items, but especially the tiny little Halloween cakes. They are absolutely perfect, not to mention SO yummy-looking. :)
    I'm curious...several of your items have a little gold circle on them, usually sitting atop all the dainty little embellishments. What is that?
    Thank you for offering such gorgeous miniatures, I can hardly wait to start shopping for Christmas goods! :D