Sunday, 21 February 2010

Are You a Winner?! Avez-vous gagné?!

Ok, the draw has been made!  The names of all entrants were written on pink card hearts (to keep with the Valentine's theme!) and we're delighted to announce that the lucky winner of our Valentine's Day give-away of a  Limited Edition "Le Valentin 2010" is....

Ça y est, on a fait le tirage au sort, les noms étaient écrits sur des petits cœurs en bristol rose, pour rester dans l'ambiance, bien mélangés, et voici ce que j'ai pioché, les les yeux fermé, sans respirer (pour pas éparpiller les petits cœurs!!) 

Sylvia at


Not you?  Well hang on...there are two runners up!  
C'est pas vous?  Pas y a encore deux chances!

The first runner up wins a Red Rose Valentine's Cupcake Pastry Set...
Le premier gagne un petit assortiment de pâtisseries de Saint Valentin en rouge.....

and it's going to....

Jody at
Peach Blossom Hill

The second runner up wins a Pink Rose Valentine's Cupcake Pastry Set...
Et l'autre un petit assortiment de pâtisseries de Saint Valentin en rose....

which has been won by....

 Elena from

Congratulations to all three of you!
Félicitations à vous trois!

To claim your prize, email us as soon as possible at with your full name and postal address.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this give-away and we're sorry that not everybody could win...
Merci à tout le monde d'avoir participé, pas de gagnant en France, et nous sommes désolés que tout le monde n'ait pas pu gagner...

Chin up, there will be more give-aways...keep your eyes on the blog et have a great Sunday!
Mais ne désespérez pas, on y a pris goût, on le refera....gardez un œil sur le blog, et bon dimanche, les gens!


  1. complimenti alle vincitrice spero nel prossimo premio ;-) perchè realizzi delle cose bellissime ciaooo rosa

  2. Congratulations to the winners!

  3. félicitations!!! ces gâteaux sont supers jolis on a de quoi être jaloux! :D et comme à l'euromillion, jamais de gagnant en France snif!


  4. I won, it's wonderful and I am so happy!!!
    Thank you so much!!


  5. ohhhh!!! Congrats to Sylvia, Jody and elena.
    Very lucky girls, everything looks gorgeous.
    Perhaps next time... ;)

  6. I shall not say that I did not cross my fingers very tightly but I'm happy for the winners. More over I know them and they are so nice that I cannot be disappointed. Congrats to you all Rosanna

  7. On a déjà gagné la chance d'être sur un jolie coeur rose !

  8. Oh, I am SO EXCITED! And to see my name in the border of your blog--I felt such a thrill when I clicked over! How thrilling! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will e-mail you just now!


  9. Congratulations to the winners! What lucky ones they are. Your miniatures are sheer delights!

  10. Félicitations aux 3 gagnantes !
    J'imagine leur joie !
    Merci pour ce petit jeu !

  11. Ohhh... das sind wunderschöne Gewinne. Und meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch an die Gewinner... ich beneide Sie.

    Liebe Grüße

    PuNo / Monika

  12. Congatulations to the winners, because they won!... and congratulations to the "not winners" for leaving a comment, because it's really sweet:-)

  13. Your foodie treats are so realistic and I enjoying coming to this blog. There's a Sunshine Award for you on my Tearooms blog Irene