Saturday, 15 January 2011

13 - unlucky for some! 13 à la douzaine

Some people are superstitious about the number 13 bringing bad luck.  Not me.  I will happily walk under a ladder carrying a black cat on any Friday the 13th as I don't suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia (yep, it exists - a fear of Friday the 13th!).  And yes I copy/pasted that long word :)
Neil's birthday is on the 13th, so is my sister's, "Thirteen" is a sweet character in House M.D. (love it!) and there are 13 units in a "baker's dozen" (which may even date from....the 13th century!).  Goodie - one extra...for me!

Les gens sont parfois superstitieux (pas nous, ça porte malheur ;-) ....Nous on serait plutôt du genre à passer EXPRÈS sous une échelle, en portant un chat noir le vendredi nous ne sommes pas atteints de
paraskevidékatriaphobie! (ouais, ça existe, peur du vendredi 13, et je l'ai copié/collé, faut pas exagérere, non plus!!)

Neil est du 13, ainsi que ma frangine, on aime bien "Thirteen" dans "House", il y a les 13 desserts de Noël et puis "13 à la douzaine", c'est bien sympa, même si c'est devenu rare!

It's extremely rare that we have more than 2 or 3 of any miniature item ready.  For 99% of our stuff, there's just one.  But this weekend I find myself in the unheard of position of having thirteen of the same item!  That warrants a souvenir picture or two, don't you think?! :)

Il est rare que j'ai devant moi plus d'un exemplaire d'une miniature, et pour les pâtisseries individuelles, 3 ou 4, c'est le maximum.....mais là, pouf, miracle, voici la multiplication des sablés chantilly groseille, 13 d'un coup!!!
Ça valait bien quelques photos souvenir, non? :)

So we used the opportunity to update the photos for these red currant sablés on Etsy :)

C'était l'occasion de renouveler les photos et de montrer ce que j'entends quand je dis que ce sont "tous les mêmes, mais tous différents" ;-)
Et vous, vous êtes superstitieux les gens?


  1. Le moins qu' on puisse dire, c' est qu' on en croquerait bien un tout de suite , sans attendre le moment du dessert !!!

  2. I was born on Friday 13 and my parents first dated on 17th , other ominous date.So bad for those who are superstitious. But I didn't know about a baker's dozen. I love this habit :o) Rosanna

  3. My parents got married on the 13th and coincidentally divorced on the 13th 13 years later!! I don't usually have a fear of it although I had to fly from the US to the UK on Friday 13th Dec to go home for Christmas and I was nervous about it!
    Adore the photos as usual. :)
    Caroline xXx

  4. I adore your little cakes, your work is always beautiful!!

    My birthday is also the 13th... look what good company I am!!!

  5. Non non pas de superstition particulière et puis si le chiffre 13 nous apporte de si belles photos (je les adore véritablement !), alors là le mot n'existe même plus !
    Bon dimanche !

  6. Y'a pas de 13 dans ma vie, bon maintenant je pourrai faire un effort et en trouver un, mais bon :D
    Et absolument adorables ces petites pâtisseries!

  7. I'm not superstitious at all, I love the number 13! And of course your wonderful work. I invite you to participate in my little giveaway, a sweet greeting.

  8. 13, or the new fatal number 24, it does not matter. i like the miniatures you show here. cute and sweet. Are they edible?

  9. I'm owned by 6 Black Cats... so... that says enough I guess ;)

    I love these cakes!! You make beautiful minis :)

    Warm hugs, Jollie

  10. So beautiful! Greetings from Sweden

  11. Te felicito por los dulces que haces,ya tienes una seguidora más.

  12. My children had a favorite book entitled 'A Baker's Dozen' ... must look it up, as I remember the wonderful illustrations had some great ideas for a miniature scene. Your little 'red currant' lovelies have my mouth watering! Ils sont admirablemente faits (hope that's right ... some pretty rusty French over this way!)