Monday, 7 March 2011

Miniature Pizza?! - Pizza Miniature?! (wah, ça c'est de la traduction de haut vol, ou je m'y connais pas!)

Thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the new miniature pizza I made today.

This one passed our stringent 'lickability' test.  Using some science*, we take a macro photo, put the photo on the 52" plasma and if we both leap off the sofa and lick the screen, it passes the test.  Science also says that saliva and electricity don't mix very well, so don't sue us if you end up with poorly tongues from licking your screens after seeing this.... :D

Pour être sûr qu'une miniature est réussie, on lui fait passer des tests (ouais, scientifique, rien que ça ;-)
Entre autres, ça doit passer le cap de l'agrandissement macro sur l'écran de l'ordi: si on doit réprimer un irrésistible désir de lécher le dit écran, c'est que c'est bon :)
Pour le fun, renouveler le test sur la -très grande- télé, et si on bave encore un peu, alors là, c'est que c'est vraiment de la belle ouvrage.....
Bon, c'est pas une pizza au caviar, mais j'en mangerais bien un bout, là, tout de suite, maintenant :)

This particular one is now on Etsy here

Don't worry cake-lovers, you can still get your cake fix here!

Mais pas de panique, pour les gueules à sucre, il y a de quoi faire aussi, par ICI
Bon app' les gens :)

*no real science was used in the testing of this piece.  It's too dangerous.  Last time I used science, I shattered a glass test tube and got bo**ocked for it by Mr Proctor.


  1. Emma, I want one !!! will you make another, please please please? let me know. Minihugs Rosanna

  2. Emma,c'etre marvelous! It looks very delicious. Natalia

  3. Sold already! So yummy I am not surprised.

  4. A DELICIOUS looking pizza! Love the shape.

    Pamela ~

  5. Waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    avec mozarella merci !!!:o)

  6. EXCELLENT! I don't blame you for licking your screen with this one!

  7. ROFL!!!! XD XD your pizza is super amazing real, and you really crack me up XD

  8. Thank you all :) Glad you enjoyed seeing it!

    @Rosanna: Yes! I'll email you separately :) I can't hide how happy I am to be making pizza for an ITALIAN!!!

    @snowfern: True story! He's probably now happily retired and dissecting living animals. FOR FUN!

  9. che carine....mi è venuta fame!!!
    complimenti sei molto brava.

  10. AMAZING! You truly are a genius in clay! If it wasn't for your fingers in the photo, I'd have thought it was from a pizza shop!

  11. hey I come across your blog and really love your pizza, can I include one of the photos to my facebook gift maker page? I will quote your website so more people know about your excellent artwork!

  12. @Blind Spot - yes of course you can! Send us a message to let us know where we can see it!