Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Cherry Miniatures!

Yay it's spring!  This is great news because there is no heating in our workshop...which means that during the winter months we've been working in the house, perched on the edge of tables, piling things up on chairs and generally being frustrated at not being able to work as much as we love to.

Honestly, I think you'd be astounded to see how we work during the winter!! :)

However, now that the weather is warmer we've opened up the workshop.  There's much more room, and all our materials are at arms reach.  No more fannying about - it's time to get some serious work done!!!

Here are some of the new pieces that  have just been listed in our store.

Happy springtime!!

Ouf, c'est le printemps, et pas seulement sur le calendrier; il est vraiment là, soleil et petits zoziaux compris:)...ce qui veut dire que j'ai réintégré mon atelier avec une joie sans mélange (Peinture et fimo y gèlent en hiver...)
Fini le matos empilé dangereusement sur des chaises de la cuisine au salon, le bazar sur la table basse, les accoudoirs du canapé, et j'en passe...!
Sérieusement, personne ne peut imaginer comment je bosse en hiver ...et franchement vaut mieux pas ;-)
De la place, de la lumière, youpi, je récupère mon rythme de croisière, et je le prouve, avec quelques nouveautés, par ici.

Et je vais aussi  pouvoir rattraper mon retard dans les commandes ...ooops!!!
Happy printemps, les gens!


  1. It's so funny, I followed your posts through the winter and imagined that you guys were working in a warm and cozy, super ultra-organized studio!

    Love your work ~
    Pamela ~

  2. It's been freezing over here in California too ... and where I live, near the beach, we rarely ever have high utility bills, but this winter ooohweee-ouchie! I've even had to wear slippers for the past few months.

    You know I've been keeping track of all your incredible goodies on Flickr for ages, and now that I've found your blog you'll never get rid of me ... cheers, Monica

  3. Faboulous!
    I have to give you a present on my blog!!!!

  4. I loved that cherry cookies :) So cute!