Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pink Miniatures and Promo News

Here are the latest additions to our Pink Patch collection!  They've just been listed in our Etsy store.

You may remember that last weekend we ran a 10% promo in our Etsy store which was supposed to finish on Sunday.  We'd planned to add lots of new pink items over the weekend, but things didn't go quite to plan (which had nothing to do with spending Sunday afternoon watching Jenson Button win the Hungarian Grand Prix!)

So we're happy to announce that the promo is still running :)  So if any of the above items interest you, you can still use the promo code 'SUMMERLOVE' to claim your discount (you can find out how to use the promo code here).

Remember that the 10% discount applies to everything in our Etsy store - not just a few selected bits and pieces :)

We're hoping to add some more pieces very keep your eyes open on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. We'll keep the promo running for a little while longer.


-- Neil


  1. These look really yummy!
    Love your blog!! I love minis. :D
    Newest follower.