Saturday, 20 August 2011

Pink Pastries, Petals, Pyramids, Plates...and more

At a time when many people are away on holidays, dreaming of romantic sunsets, eating ice cream to cool down or lying on the beach eating fish 'n' chips covered in sand, we're spending the end days of our summer in the workshop continuing to turn out some pretty fine miniatures (even if I do say so myself!)

It feels like we're on holiday even though we're at home - there's a gorgeous sunset over the village each evening and the freezer is full of ice cream and sorbet (I've lost count of the number of Magnums we've downed this summer).  There aren't any fish 'n' chips here in France...but fortunately Emma is an amazing cook, so it's not like there is a shortage of tasty things to try :)  Spoilt?  Me?  Damn right!

Oh, and she made these too...yeah, I'm proud of her :)  Go girl! xx

If you want to add any of these beautiful pieces to your collection, head over to our Etsy store where you can find these and many more brand new truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Have a fun weekend!  We'll be back with more very soon :)


PS Do leave a comment if you enjoy seeing Emma's work - we love reading them :)


  1. Emma is a wonderful pastry chef in miniature too. I love looking at her work and my favorite color is pink. As always Beautiful work!!!

  2. How can I not enjoy her work? she is AMAZING !!!! and you are darn spoilt...yes !!!
    Minihugs Rosanna

  3. mmmmm Que dulces mas ricos!!! Son perfectos!! FELICITACIONESSSSS!!!!! Besos desde Argentina!!!

  4. Que de merveilleuses et jolies douceurs! Les couleurs sont superbes et douces. Bravo!

  5. Dulce tentación.....ummmmm....maravillosos!!!