Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween / Fall Miniatures

The first of our Halloween / Fall miniatures are now on Etsy!  You can find them by clicking here.

As with previous years we've avoided the gory stuff (fun as it is!) and concentrated on offering you a selection of miniatures with complementary colours for this time of year that will look great alongside any of our other miniature cakes and pastries that you may already own.

We hope you enjoy seeing them.  There will be more listed very soon...


  1. This are adorable! I'll have to head over to Etsy and add your shop to my favorites. Then I'm going to work on a project for my miniatures shop. I'm planning to do a halloween scene too. And I'm opening my own Etsy shop this week, but it's to sell hand crafted beauty products, not miniatures. Things are crazy right now!

  2. très réussi et bien plus appétissant que certaines réalisations très gores vues ailleurs
    couleurs scènes précisions tout y est bravo!

  3. ohhh que hermosura vata talento.