Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn't an especially big deal in our part of rural France, so it's a day like any other here today.  With one exception. As we were finishing breakfast we had a visit from our first (and only) trick or treaters...

So by 8:30, our Halloween was over.  It was nice to see the effect of French bonbons on those happy faces so early in the day!

Oh and while we're here - remember this?  What a super selection!

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  1. ici aussi(var) plus beaucoup d'échos et en plus tempête donc personne passé!
    merci pour les réalisations de la vidéo superbes mais je dirais que celles de 2012 sont encore plus sublimes oui vous vous êtes améliorés et plus personnalisés (/ d'autres créateurs)