Sunday, 18 November 2012

Individual Miniature French Pastries

These red currant sablés are for a special order destined for a collector in France who ordered them at the SIMP show in Paris....

...last year...oops!  She is a very patient woman :)

They are just one of dozens of varieties beautifully hand-crafted French pastries currently available in our Etsy store at

Whether you're looking for a single pastry to fill a gap in your pâtisserie counter display, or wanting to construct your own complete French pastry displays piece-by-piece, we have created a lovely selection of individual miniature French pastries.  And they all go together so well!

See...? :)

To make them easier to find, we've listed all of our individual pastries together in our Etsy store - you can find them by clicking here.

Have a peaceful Sunday!


  1. Thankfully, I too have customers like yours.... EXTREMELY patient!
    These pastries look absolutely wonderful and I'm going to have to order one for the French dollmaker in my "La Mignonette" shop of tiny dolls.
    My only problem is which one(s) to choose.......

    1. Easy - choose one of each!!! ;)
      Eager to see how your French windows turn out...

  2. I love Your works. They look like real food :)