Friday, 21 June 2013

SIMP Preview 2013 - Berlingots Are GO!

Miniature Berlingots
 On our stand at the first show we did together a few years back, we had some jars of berlingots - a colourful stripy French candy with a distinctive tetrahedan shape.  In particular we had some 'spilt' jars.

It was one of the pieces that caught the eye of the owner of the Musée Miniature et Cinéma at Lyon who ordered some along with many other pieces to put on display. They're still there if you're ever visiting.

Ever since, at every show, we're asked if we have any for sale. "No, we haven't had time. Maybe at the next show...." we find ourselves replying. And it's the same story at the next show. And the next..  Thing is, they take ages to make, but this year, we're ready! BERLINGOTS ARE GO!!!!!
- - -

Les berlingots et moi, ça fait un bail, et les berlingots renversés, c'est notre petit chouchou, c'est d'ailleurs une des pièces toujours au Musée Miniature et Cinéma :)

Sauf que c'est long à faire, les berlingots......Des années qu'on nous supplie, non seulement d'en faire, mais en plus de les dis toujours "peut-être l'année prochaine", en y croyant moi même très fort, et tous les ans, j'ai l'air malin:  "ben, non, j'ai encore pas eu le temps!"

Mais trêve de désespoir, les gens, ça y est, y en a "re" des berlingots, et pas qu'un peu, visez moi ça!!!!
(ah ça, j'en fais pas souvent,mais quand je m'y colle,  mais j'en fais pour dix ans!!!)

Voilà, berlingots, go! j'espère que vous êtes contents, les gens, pasqueuh moi...oui! :)
Qu'est ce que je vous fais pour l'année prochaine?!

Assorted berlingots - including those much requested 'spilt' jars
Shown with a cutter for scale

How many in there?  No idea - lots!


  1. These are EXQUISITE!!!!! Enjoy SIMP. X

  2. Perfecto, una maravilla llena de color.
    Un abrazo.

  3. magnifiquement réussis bravo !

  4. Hello Emmaflam and Miniman! I can see just why you would be asked about these little sweeties! These are Marvelous! They are so bright and colorful and they look to be entirely edible! What little masterpieces they are! They are very artfully displayed as well..... and Now I want some too; the real ones as well as the Mini!
    Enjoy the show and Please, take Lots of pictures!


  5. I like these jars of berlingots. They're colorful and delicious.
    Greetings, Faby