Saturday, 22 June 2013

SIMP Preview 2013 - Individual Pastries and a short video

Last minute preparations are under way for tomorrow's SIMP miniatures show in Paris.  We spent all morning putting our individual pastries together to take some photos because it's exceptional that we have so many ready all at the same time.  And everybody loves a family photo!  Here they are...

 On est en plein "boum" pour le SIMP demain - littéralement - je viens de faire tomber une boîte pleine de ...bruits?!...
Toute la matinée fût occupée à disposer les pâtisseries individuelles pour faire des photos avant l'expo, faut dire qu'on en a probablement jamais autant en une seule fois......(devinez les gens, même si ya a rien à gagner, juste pour le fun :)

SIMP 2013 - Individual Pastries

We also made a budget movie to tease you all a little bit.  It's a bit like a Cheeto.  Short and cheesy.  Steven and Martin (Spielberg and Scorcese who else?!) watch out, next stop Hollywood for Paris Miniatures!

Get your popcorn ready!

Pour la peine, nous vous avons pondu un film à petit budget, rien que pour vous, ah ha, nous voilà Steven et Martin (Spielberg et Scorsese, je vais me gêner tiens!;-)

Allez les gens, on sort le pop-corn!


  1. Wow! What a lot of work and talent! They are beautiful!! :)

  2. Love the army of pastries and the video! I hope you come home empty handed with a full cash box!


  3. Wow that is a lot of work and so perfectly done! I wish I was going to that mini show so I could buy some goodies!

  4. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tout ça grandiose !!!!
    bon salon!

  5. Bonjour! Your photo looks like your pastries stretch to INFINITY AND BEYOND! Every piece is beautifully presented and mouthwatering to see. Who could resist them!?


  6. Po prostu cuda. Pozdrawiam i trochę zazdroszczę, że tak nie potrafię.