Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Halloween / Autumn Miniatures - Pumpkin Pie

Following on from yesterday's post, here's another of our favourite pieces from this year's Halloween/autumn collection.

It's a pumpkin pie!  Want to know a secret?
We've never tasted pumpkin pie...

Yes in spite of all of the miniature pumpkin pies that we've made over the years, we've never actually tasted a real one.  Come to that, we've never actually seen a real one to buy (maybe I should make one? Can anybody point me to a great recipe?).

In any case, it didn't stop this one from turning out beautifully :)

Listed in our Etsy store here.

Don't forget that if you do miss something in our Etsy store that you really want to add to your collection, just get in touch with us at parisminiatures@gmail.com or send us an Etsy conversation.


  1. Your pumpkin pie crust look Fantastic! I love the way the pastry leaves border the pie, what a feast this is for the eyes :D

    p.s. pumpkin pie is Delicious! We never celebrate Thanksgiving without having one for desert because everybody wants, some especially when it is served with whipped creme :))

    1. Thank you! Maybe we should try and get an invite for Thanksgiving!!

  2. Well, you have done a great job for never having seen one! I don't have a recipe I just throw them together when I grow them. I also like sweet potato (yam) pie!

    1. Thank you - we tried sweet potatoes a couple of years back and fell in love with them. Never tried it as a pie - I'll add it to my list :)

    2. ici aussi on se régale avec la patate douce

    3. mais ça n'a rien à voir avec le potiron (hier soupe potiron kiri régal) mais souvent pas que pour H

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  4. vraiment jolie avec les feuilles félicitations

    j'en ai bien fait une une fois(sucrée pour Hallow mais ça n'a pas rencontré de succès donc pour la recette...
    (sinon sur le site du "journal des femmes" en tapant "tarte à la citrouille "dans google y en a des sympa (et des testées avec commentaires )entre autres sites !

    mais en purée ou potage hum miam !