Friday, 31 October 2014

Miniature Table for Halloween / Autumn - Custom Order

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday I finally put the finishing touches to a piece that's been sitting on my work table for a few weeks. If you're eagle-eyed, you may even have seen it in the background of some our earlier autumn / Halloween photos.

During that time I've added bits to it, changed my mind and took them off again, added new bits, moved them around, but now it's finished. Or is it?

Most of the pieces are stuck and final, but I've made it partly 'modular'; the cookie tree and the pile of pumpkins can be swapped and the Swiss roll isn't fixed so that the customer can place her own piece there.

It's been given the thumbs up by the buyer and will soon be winging its way to New York! :)

Front view

Top view

These three pieces can be swapped/moved/replaced as desired by the buyer
We had planned to do something special for today, but seem to be having a few hiccups.  If we get time later we'll try and do it...

UPDATE - We found time! You can see the result here :) 

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  1. je ne trouve pas de mots devant tant d'accord de précision
    quel magnifique ensemble bravo +++