Monday, 10 August 2009

Chocolate Chip and Pink Praline Cookies

It was a calm Sunday afternoon in the village. The summer sun was beating down when suddenly, inexplicably, I had an urge for some chocolate chip cookies. Disaster! The cookie jar was empty...and the local supermarkets are shut on a Sunday :(

After rifling through the pantry, we realised that not only did we have the basics to make the cookie dough, but we also had some extra bits 'n' pieces to try to make some super luxurious cookies!

We didn't have any chocolate chips, but we did have a bar of dark chocolate with tiny raspberry "p├ępites" (nuggets...?) so we crumbled that up and added it to the mixture.

We also had a packet of pink praline (you can read more about that here) which was in need of use. I originally bought them because they looked pretty but the time had finally come to do something with them!

So we mixed up that little lot and baked them (more heat in the kitchen - just what we needed!) and enjoyed some delicious, super moist cookies with sweet crunchy bits of raspberry choc chips and praline!

Heaven knows how we managed to keep enough back to take the photo!


  1. Pues para tener pocos ingredientes, les ha salido fantastico. Felicidades

  2. Must have a try. As soon as it is cooling down. Temp is 35° here with 90% humidity. It's like being in zanzibar WITHOUT the sea.Nearly like a bain marie!

  3. oooh those look totally decadent! And oooh so yummy too.

  4. Oh, I can't believe it! My mouth is actually watering looking at those scrumptious cookies! What a beautiful picture . . . now how about handing one over this way . . . that's assuming there are any left! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for sharing . . . I have to go raid my pantry now!