Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Photo Challenge - Double Tagged!!

So we were tagged with the photo challenge today - our first time! And our second - we were tagged twice!

Many of you will already know the deal - choose the 4th photo in the 4th folder on your hard drive. We had to take it one stage further as we have lots of hard drives - so naturally we chose the 4th... :-D

And this is what we found...

Street view of the French Provençal town of LourmarinThis photo dates from 13th May, 2007. We had driven down to Aix en Provence in the south of France to spend some time with my family. We spent that particular day with my parents on a tour of some gorgeous Provençal villages.

This photo of a narrow, deserted street was taken in the afternoon when nearly everyone had their heads down for the post-lunch siesta. The name of the village is Lourmarin.

I mentioned we were tagged twice, so we're taking the liberty of doubling up and choosing the 8th photo in the 8th folder on the 8th hard drive, which gives us....

Homebaked shortbread

Not just any old shortbread, but Miniman's homemade shortbread (yes ladies, he sometimes bakes too!). Lovely and golden and sprinkled with sugar - they were delicious! This is from 25th August 2006.

So thank you to Vicky Guile for the first tag and Oiseau deNim for the second!


  1. I have been to Lourmarin last summer. How nice is that village? There were incredibly few peole around and we enjoied it o bits. I do love Luberon and the cooking as well. Wonderful biscuits Miniman!

  2. Photos recall some memories and also tell some stories.
    Does the door and flowerpots have the same blue tone?
    Very typical color of Provence!

    In Juin, I went to Luberon area with the family of my husband; I just visited some villages, like Roussillon, APT and Bonnieux. But that beautiful landscape really makes me happy. It seems Lourmarin also in same area.It must be one lovely village.

    Thank you too!

  3. J'adore! Je suis Anglaise, mais ma mère est Française et vient du sud-ouest et vos photos me rapelle de chez ma mamie! J'y retours en septembre pour sa fête de cent ans et j'ai hate! J'espère que le temps sera mieux qu'ici au nord d'Angleterre.