Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Miniature Flowers

Making miniature food is great fun but from time-to-time we feel the need to take a break from polymer clay.

Generally, when that happens, we either turn to miniature tableware or miniature flowers...just to keep that miniature vibe going. So we'd like to share one of our favourite miniature flower arrangements with you!

Miniature flowers by emmaflam - Paris MiniaturesWe can't take all the credit for it. This was made using elements from several miniature flower kits (by Pascale G - coucou!).

Miniature flowers by Emmaflam - Paris MiniaturesDon't let the fact that they come from kits mislead you...there is still an enormous amount of work needed to get the detail in these flowers!

Sometimes the petals needs to be painted (often with several coats of different colours and shades of paint) and there are often tiny elements that need to be included - details that you would almost miss with the naked eye. For example the "hairs" on the irises above.

Cosmos flowerAnd while we're talking flowers, here's a photo from this weekend of a real "Cosmos" flower in front of the house...


  1. Your flower arrangement is lovely. I'm sure it was a lot of work being so tiny. Beautiful work as always.

  2. He pasado un rato maravilloso visitando tu blog...eres toda una artista.

  3. Hola!!!!!!!!tu blog es una pasada, me encantan todas tus cosas.besitos ascension

  4. I've bought a flower kit, but haven't yet had the time to do anything with it. Your work is so inspiring, so once I've got my miniatures stuff out of storage again, I'll being attempting flowers.