Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day Out At Compiègne - Part II (With Bonus Miniature Photos!)

Crêperie - La BoléePart II - Lunchtime!
There was an enormous choice of restaurants from which to choose. We narrowed it down to a "real" gastronomic restaurant, a French bistro serving hearty portions, a charming pizzeria and a crêperie. Everywhere the terraces were packed, which is generally a good sign as the people eating there were generally locals on their lunch break, so they know the best places to eat!
Perhaps tempted by the idea of a pitcher of cider on a hot day, we chose the crêperie "La Bolée" which you can find here.

So there we were in the region of Picardie about to sample a traditional Brittany meal - it's so easy to travel without moving!

The cider is poured into bowls and not glasses - a first for Miniman so used to English pub pint glasses! And at 10% a.b.v. combined with empty tummies and the burning sun, it didn't take long for the cider to rush to our heads!
Luckily the crêpes arrived before we had time to start dancing on the tables.

They were enormous, a bit too large for the plates! Although it may not look like much from the outside, this monster was packed with scrambled egg, melted "emmental" cheese and lardons, but you could make your own fillings from a generous list of options.

The pretty garnish brought a welcome touch of colour to the meal!

At just over halfway through our crêpes, we already had the impression that we had eaten too much, but we soldiered on.
Would we go for a dessert? We are very "gourmand", so of course we did! What did we have?
ANOTHER crêpe!!!

Miniman went for the caramelised apple with Chantilly cream and a scoop of caramel ice cream.

Yum - worth a closer look!

Emmaflam went for vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and Chantilly cream.

We experienced a new taste sensation, hot chocolate sauce eaten with a sprig of fresh mint... heaven, a bit like the most luxurious After Eight mint you could ever imagine! Try it.
So with full tummies and happy faces, we set off for an afternoon doing....well, all will be revealed in Part III - Lovers of France will not want to miss it!
While waiting for that, here is a selection of some of our miniature crêpes!

Crêpe Suzette in a pan from February 2006

Crêpe dessert with cream and orange sorbet from April 2009

Chocolate crêpe dessert from...Saturday!

A chocolate crêpe that was part of a brooch from June 2009
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  1. Oh, my what a lovely post! The food looks so delicious. I wish I could jump into the screen and have my lunch. Those caramelised apple crêpe with Chantilly cream and a scoop of caramel ice cream is one of my favorites. I'm so taken with your miniature pieces. The little charms of deserts is too cute! Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah