Sunday, 6 September 2009

Real Edible "Miniature" Viennoiserie - Croissants and Pains au Chocolat...

Sunday morning and the week's dark, drizzly weather had disappeared, giving way to a late summer burst of sun.

So we could enjoy breakfast outside...

French breakfast pastries - croissants and pains au chocolatIf we told you that between us we'd eaten six whole croissants and six generously filled pains au chocolat you'd probably start to worry for our cholesterol levels...

Mini viennoiserie - croissants and pains au chocolatDon't worry! These delicious golden buttery delights are "mini-viennoiserie", about a third of the size of their full-sized counterparts!

A real miniature croissant shown in a handFor our French readers, they came from "Leader Price" and come highly recommended! Fifteen minutes in the oven from frozen and you'd swear they came direct from a baker's oven.

Roll on next Sunday!


  1. Ah ha.... I thought you were making miniatures, I was thinking that they looked so real!!!!
    I forget, not everything is in mini for you!!! He he, it's Sunday, I am a little tired!!!
    Happy weekend!
    Margaret B

  2. looks good, can you make it smaller?