Friday, 4 September 2009

English Cookie Invasion!

Below, a photo of our local "Monoprix" supermarket this afternoon. Similar to any other French supermarket cookie shelf. Basically, lots of LU...

But look...lost there in the middle. Something brand new here, but something very familiar to millions....

French cookies on a Supermarket shelfOh...



McVitie's Digestives on a French supermarket shelf
McVitie's Digestives! Even better...CHOCOLATE ones! They're here at last! That's one less thing to buy on the next visit to England (that'll save some weight on the ferry!)

Chocolate and Plain McVities Digestives - now available in France!
And in boxes of 300g and 400g, they put the air-filled packets of LU* and Bonne Maman* to shame!

Now if only they'd start selling PG Tips, we could have a good old English tea break!

So we're begging our French readers to go out and buy them so that they'll stay. As well as being a delicious nibble, they're great for making cheesecake bases! And they are so much nicer (and better value) than "Granola" cookies. AND your first purchase can be refunded! What have you got to lose...?!

*We love them too, but you don't get much for your money!


  1. Loool!! Heureuse de savoir que les gateaux anglais de vos rêves sont désormais disponibles en France :D

    Et pour les LU, c'est bien vrai, beaucoup trop de vide ><


  2. We have that in Singapore and they have stayed for a long long time :)

  3. So funny! They are delicious although you could make me very happy with the dark chocolate LU Petit écolier, which unfortunately they stopped selling at my local supermarket. They do still sell the milk chocolate ones but I think they are too sweet.
    Enjoy your cookies! (Don't overeat lol)

  4. Ooops - the chocolate ones are already finished...!