Friday, 29 January 2010

Carrot Cake - Teamwork! - Travail d'équipe!

We both made a carrot cake...
Nous avons fait un "carrot cake" (je rassure les sceptiques, ça n'a pas un goût de légumes...)

But not the same one!
Mais pas les mêmes! 

Mine was made in miniature, with Fimo, and completely inedible...
Le mien était miniature, en fimo, inmangeable comme il se doit...

And Neil's was real, perfectly edible and absolutely delicious, it's one of his specialities.  Yes, I  found myself one of Her Majesty's subjects who knows his way around an's like a dream! ;-)

Et Neil en a fait un vrai,  parfaitement comestible et absolument délicieux, une de ses spécialités, eh oui, j'ai déniché un sujet de sa Majesté efficace aux fourneaux.... On croit rêver ;-)


  1. It's fantastic, because they are next to each other, but I would say that is the same, not mini.

  2. The thing with you is that you just cannot see the difference. Magnificent!

  3. Mmm, getting hungry looking a both cakes!


  4. WOW!!! They both look wonderful, from the first photo I was unsure if it was real or is always great to have a husband that can cook, I am also blessed with this!

    Regards, Linda

  5. Excellent - I like seeing the two versions together like that - hard to believe the little one's not real!

  6. What a cool post! Who copied who? very nice work on both counts

  7. Oh dear, this is just marvelous! It looks so real! Bravo, good job! Anita

  8. Comme toujours c'est fabuleux. J'adore le carrot cake, j'en fais régulièrement. Bravo ! Vous n'auriez pas dit que c'était de la miniature on ne l'aurait jamais deviné.