Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Only 359 Days Until Christmas!! Plus que 359 jours avant Noël!!

A Happy New Year to everyone!  So it's taken us nearly a week (in France you have the whole of January to exchange New Year's wishes), and although it's been very nice to spend that time relaxing, the Christmas tree and decorations have now been taken down (boohoo!) and idle fingers are aching to re-establish contact with clay.

Bonne année, les gens!
Eh oui, ça nous a pris presque une semaine.....mais si je ne m'abuse, en France, on a tout le mois de Janvier pour présenter ses vœux (ou bien était-ce une coutume familiale en forme de bonne excuse?!)
Il y avait encore le sapin hier :-(
Ca sent presque encore la dinde....

Regular followers will probably remember the Chanel Shopping set  that we sold on eBay at the end of November.  Well, it's back!  Literally.  We posted it off to the buyer and soon realised that the buyer had thought they'd bought a real Chanel bag.  So after a quick hop across the English Channel and back, like a fashionable pink homing pigeon, it's come back home to roost...  he must have thought he scored the bargain of the century!

You can add that to the other "mistake stories" about the person who wanted us to make a pièce montée for 20 people for a real wedding, someone who wanted to order several hundred toffee apples to sell on a the beach and the French tourist office at New York who found our miniature Paris-Brest looked nicer than real ones!

Tiens, mais c'est le sac Chanel, que revoici, me direz-vous...en effet , et il revient de loin...enfin, d'Angleterre, en fait...
Ça n'était pas arrivé depuis un moment, mais il a été pris pour la vraie chose, et le monsieur comptait l'offrir à sa dame pour Noël (même d'occasion, c'eût été l'affaire du siècle!)
A notre palmarès également: une commande de pièce montée pour 20 personne, "quelques centaines" de pommes d'amour à revendre sur la plage, et l'office du tourisme Français à New-York qui trouvait que notre Paris-Brest était plus beau que les vrais!

We've relisted it on Etsy - and so just to be sure (even if it's obvious!)'s made from Fimo and is very small - you couldn't fit your cellphone in it!  See it here. (Edit: now sold)

Donc il est en FIMO, il est très petit, c'est une miniature pour poupée, nous sommes bien d'accord?!  Il tient dans un téléphone portable, pas le contraire!

We took the opportunity to add a few new items on Etsy, including macaroons, cookies, truffles, doughnuts, cake and more!  Below are a couple of photos.  Head over to our Etsy store to see the rest of the new pieces...

Donc pendant qu'on y était, nous avons listé quelques bricoles, macarons, donuts et autres truffes roses, qui se trouvent ici.


  1. That is way too funny about the Chanel hand bag....can you imagine their surprise when it arrived in the mail...they must have thought it 'shrunk'. Just goes to show how real all your items look! I would have loved to have seen the looks on their faces...too funny!!!

    Thanks for todays laugh!!!

    Regards, Linda

  2. trop marrant! c'est ça de faire des miniatures si belles et réalistes!