Monday, 12 April 2010

"SIMP"le pleasures! A bowl of fruit...

With Easter out of the way, it's time to knuckle down with preparations for June's SIMP show in Paris.

It's frightening to think that in a little over two months I need to come up with enough new pieces to fill our stand.  Panic and self-doubt set in and I'm like a rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car and not knowing which way to turn...

So I've been looking back through our pictures for inspiration and there are so many great pieces that I'd forgotten about.  It was as if I was seeing many of them for the first time!  That's the problem when you're only making one of each item - you don't remember all of them. :-p

This bowl of citrus fruit caught my's been ages since I made any fruit so maybe I should start there...this one dates from 2007 already...

In any case, I'm looking forward to the day of the show to be able to meet those die-hard collectors who visit every French show, no matter how small and far away from home it is.  I'm also really excited about meeting for the those collectors that I've only spoken to 'virtually' and who are coming to the SIMP for the first time!


  1. The bowl is wonderful! I'm trying to work as fast as I can but I'm afraid that my stall will be very poor.... Too many hours on each piece! but I love the idea of coming to Paris !!!! See you soon:o) Rosanna

  2. WOW that is a beautiful bowl of fruit. I love the sweets but I like seeing that you have done other things like this too.
    I am sure you will sell out at the show no matter what you bring.
    I am going to the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago next weekend I wish you were doing that one.

  3. Oh, no need to worry-- your work is wonderful! And what's sleep?! LOL! Good luck with the show and the bowl of fruit is wonderful!


  4. Fruits anybody ?
    I say YES ! I'm fond of minis fruits and I WANT this bowl of citrus fruits !
    Hope you will do some for Etsy too !

  5. Wow ! Great work?
    Where do you sell it?

  6. Thank you ladies!

    See you soon Rosanna, don't worry about an empty stall, if it's good stuff it won't bother anybody!
    Some people have hundreds , shall I say thousands,and others' showcase would fit in a single hand...relax...;(says the one who so far has done nothing at all and is beginning to worry A LOT!!!!!!)

    I wish we were in Chicago too, Catherine...maybe one day...!
    I am glad you are happy to see something else than's the most obvious for me to work on, but I make a lot of fruit, vegetables, savoury food , painted tableware and furniture....and I made hundreds of little dolls, and an awfull lot of small roomboxes ....
    I surprise myself looking at them, as they were entirely from scratch, and I have no idea HOW I made some of the items!
    Anyway, that's plenty of things never shown on the blog...!

    Thanks Jody!(by the way, have you received the valentine's thing?!)

    Marie-Christine, I will do my best to make more fuit in the future (not eat them, let's be clear on that!) moi qui espérais vous refourguer mon thé vert;-)
    (à la décharge du produit en question, celui que j'ai acheté était peut-être trop bon marché pour être honnê lui donnerai donc une deuxième chance-mais pas trois!!)

  7. delicious!!!!!!!!!, looks so real!!!!!!!!


  8. WHERE ARE YOU? :'(


  9. Thank you Moti!

    ON EST LA, CHARLOTTE!!!!!!:-)