Thursday, 24 June 2010

Happy Miniatures!

France has had another day of strikes today during which the 'disgraced' French national football team slipped back into the country after their early exit from the football World Cup following lots of squabbling and a refusal to train...

To add to the nation's misery, the French tennis player Nicolas Mahut finally lost the record-breaking 11 hour tennis match at least people have heard of him now...!

Ooouh, ben c'est pas brillant, ces jours ci, la France entre les grèves partout et les exploits footballistiques sur lesquels nous ne nous étendrons pas, surtout parce qu'on s'en fout! le pauvre Nicolas Mahut qu'a perdu son match à Wimbledon au bout de 11 heures de jeu, le pauvre!!! (enfin au moins, avec un tel record,  tout le monde le connait maintenant!!)
Histoire de remonter le moral de la nation, nous avons décidé de faire ce qu'on fait la mieux, des miniatures!!!

So we did our bit to boost the nation's morale the only way we know how - by making some new miniatures!

Morale boosted!

There.  Don't you fell better now...?!  Head over to our Etsy store and boost your morale!!

Voilà...ça va pas déjà mieux...?!  Allez voir là, ne serait-ce que pour vous faire du bien aux yeux, les gens!


  1. Soccer & tennis do not excite me in the slightest....but your miniatures, well that's a totally different story!

    This selection certain could boost any morale....gorgeous!!!

    Linda x

  2. They are super nice. I love chocolate and strawberries. "I can prove it?
    Besujis from spain!!!

  3. Merci cela fait du bien, heureusement qu'il y a des miniatures...
    Remarque en ce qui concerne le football je me dis que maintenant on est enfin tranquille, tout du moins concernant les matchs, ouf!...

  4. Waaaaaaw! So NICE! What a great great blog!!!!!!

  5. At least the tennis player put a little effort in! I felt so sorry for him. Lovely minis as always.

  6. With your work France is very well represented:)
    I love you work, it is not only perfect, with attention to detail but also very original.
    I love the way you display your work and your effort to offer us always something different, I think that it's a way to show respect to yours costumers and admirers and I really appreciate that. It's good to see that you don't follow tendencies, you create them and I thank you for that and for being such an amazing source of inspiration. Congratulations for your Eiffel Tower cake stand, it's so beautiful and, once again, an original idea