Saturday, 19 June 2010

SIMP preview... / avant goût

The last few days have passed by in a blur as we try to get everything ready for the SIMP miniatures show in Paris tomorrow.

Stock?  Yep!
Pencil? Yep
Sandwiches? Big yep!
Change?  .........oops

And I still have things waiting for a coat of varnish!!

C'est un peu la panique, le rush de dernière minute (croyez le ou non, mais j'ai des choses qui attendent d'être vernies!!!!!), mais nous voulions tout de même offrir un petit avant goût visuel à ceux d'entre vous que nous ne verrons pas demain:) ...c'est aussi l'occasion de faire beaucoup de photos pour tester le réalisme des pâtisseries....

We also wanted to take some nice photos of the pieces before they go off to their new homes tomorrow (hopefully!).

We hope you'll enjoy this glimpse...

Et pour la première fois, à la demande générale, des pâtisseries individuelles à la pièce...tadah!!!

A small quantity of the pastries that we'll be showing

Could they be real?....
....I wish they were - YUM!

And if you're not able to come, you don't have to miss out this weekend.  We always try to make a brand new exclusive miniature for the occasion and this year is no different!  A limited quantity of our new "Paris Chocolate" souvenir boxes are available right now...

En attendant davantage de photos, et un rapport complet sur l'évènement, notre nouvelle boîte de chocolats "Paris" est dispo, nous essayons toujours de faire une miniature exclusive pour l'occasion, que voici ici:

OK, I'm off!  My cupcakes won't varnish themselves (if only....!).  Bon weekend!

Bon allez, vite, mes cupcakes vont pas se vernir tout seuls (si seulement....:) allez, bon week end, les gens!


  1. They are all so devine! envious of all the people who will take these home at the end of the!

    I hope you have a fabulous time at SIMP....shall be thinking of you all and wishing I was there!

    Enjoy x

  2. Thanks Linda!

    We're really looking forward to the show tomorrow and catching up with everyone - but not half as much as we're looking forward to a nice long lie-in on Monday morning!!

    Zzzzz :o)

  3. Your stuff is really amazing! Hopefully one day I will be able to make a trip to see the french side of my family coincide with SIMP, but it's doubtful. You couldn't come to Miniatura in Birmingham could you?

  4. Thank you :o)

    Miniatura maybe one day...

    And you should 'Waste a Little Time' in France, especially if you have family here!

    It's so easy to get here from the UK, you have no excuse! Eurostar (when it works!) or the ferry (some off-peak tickets are just 25 - 30 euros with a car!)

    If you left right now you could be here for the show tomorrow... :-p

  5. they are fabulous and looks so delicious..:)
    i hope you have a good time at the fair.. wish i could go there..


  6. Everything is so perfect and looks so delicious,I think you will be sold out !Have a nice time on the Simp!Jeannette

  7. It's really beautiful, so perfect! Succes in Paris.
    Gr. Nancy

  8. Crescendo dans la perfection !
    Vos miniatures sont merveilleusement belles, ah les gâteaux individuels !
    Stunning work of art ! Hope you have a wonderful time at the fair !

  9. Your mini's are amazing real looking and good photo's too.
    Good luck and lots of fun at the fair.

  10. Thank you everyone!

    It's nearly midnight so it's time to stop working and get a few hours sleep...

    Good night!

  11. It all looks fabulous, have a wonderful time!

  12. SIeht wunderschön aus. Gutes Geschäft für die Messe wünscht


  13. I definitely can't resist these little pastries!!!!!!!!!!! I hope there will be some left from the Simp ;)
    Have a good day!

  14. Everything is perfect! I hope you have a great time.


  15. Wow! They look awesome & delicious! Love em all!

  16. Vraiement magnifiques!!! Comment j'aimerai être à Paris ce week end...!!! Peut être l'année prochaine...

  17. I wish they were real!!!!! The photos are very good!

  18. Your miniature cakes are so perfect that one has to look twice in order to see that it is in fact miniature.
    I would dearly love to attend one of the fairs that you exhibit at but I'm afraid it is a bit far from Cape Town, South Africa. Oh well, maybe one day, who knows.
    All the best Emma and Neil and keep on doing what you do best.