Thursday, 2 June 2011

One month later...

I know we've never been ones to update this blog daily, or even weekly, but I was a bit surprised to see that it's been nearly a month since our last post.  Ooooops!

I guess it's understandable.  We've been having some great weather - more summer than spring.  More time spent outside than inside :)

Oh yes, there's also the small matter of the upcoming SIMP show being a little over two weeks away.  We decided to have a double table for the first time this year (a chair each! YES!!).  It seemed like a wonderful idea a few months back.  But now we have to fill it!!  Suddenly these miniatures seem so small...

Anyway, here's some eye candy from today.  Don't forget if you need your "fix" more often than once a month, we're on Facebook and it's updated much more often than the blog...

You can find all of these pieces on Etsy right now by clicking here


  1. Beautiful!!! I love everything but will you remember my pizza at Simp ? I shall be hungry of pizza that day :o) See you soon, Rosanna

  2. Très belles nouvelles créations. J'ai hâte de vous voir au SIMP.

  3. I love the little dishes! They are just beautiful!

  4. hi Rosanna, the pizza is about to be put in the oven for you, no worries (well, it's about time!!!!;-)

    à dimanche Geneviève:)(si on se réveille;-)

    Thank you it's the little things:)