Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Return of M. de la Rue

A couple of years ago, we introduced you to our neighbour, M. de la Rue.  Once again it's that time of the year when he arrives at our door with cherries from his garden. This year because of the exceptionally hot spring, he's turned up a little earlier than usual. And with  more cherries than ever before!

While trying to decide what to do with them all, we've been nibbling on them throughout the day. Hey, it's not very often you have fresh cherries under your nose. Might as well enjoy them!

A clafouti seemed like a good idea...but there were so many cherries in the mixture that I had to make a couple of smaller ones at the same time.  Yum!!

To be honest, I might have overcooked it a bit.  Not a problem with this miniature version :)

With that, I've only used half of the cherries.  So if you have any ideas or quick recipes, feel free to post the details below!

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