Thursday, 23 June 2011

SIMP 2011 - Turning Japanese?

For the curious! A look at our stand from Sunday's SIMP show...

We were still setting up at this point.

Some pink pretties :)

No sooner had we said "Hello" to everyone than it was time to say "Goodbye" knowing that it'll be another year before we see each other.  We had a wonderful day which passed way too quickly.  Big hugs to all of our mini friends, thanks to everyone for the various nibbles and treats!

And a big "Konnichi wa" to these friendly faces.  We always get excited when we send our work to Japan.  After all, they're the experts in miniaturisation! But to have a group in front of our stand ooh-ing and aah-ing over our work was really quite a thrill :)


  1. Oh yes, it was too quick !
    Your table was gorgeous , I loved everything on it!
    Good evening, Rosanna

  2. I hope you will be equally thrilled to know that the Miniature Collector article about you and other French food artisans is out today. I wish I could send you a copy but our Internet is out because of a big storm here two days ago. Hopefully tonight!

    Xo, sophia

  3. Such pretty colors in your work! All so nicely displayed ~ must have been great fun!

    Pamela ~

  4. You deserve all ooohs and aaahs of all nationalities for your wonderful work. Congratulations!

  5. Vous avez raison cette journée passe toujours trop vite. Vous avez toujours autant de belles choses sur votre stand. Bravo!

  6. Please, please come to the Kensington show!

  7. Visiting your stand is one of my enjoyments. Very happy to see you again!