Thursday, 12 June 2014

New Miniatures in our Etsy Store

There are a couple of new items in our Etsy store today and neither of them is a FOOTBALL!  That's a soccer ball for our US readers ;)

That's about the only reference we're going to make to the World Cup for now, neither of us being big fans of football/soccer.  That might change if France or England do well....never say never!

So, onto today's miniatures...

I've had an empty Idaho potatoes bag in my "might-do-something-with-it-one-day" drawer for at least 10 years. When we listed some potatoes a few days ago, I suddenly had people asking me for potatoes.  I remembered the bag and made this...

And after searching on the internet to see if Idaho potatoes are a thing, I found out that they are! They even have a big potato lorry...

...and on their site they have a recipe for World Cup potatoes! Darn, I mentioned it again...

The second new miniature piece is a chocolate truffle tiramisù cream cake.

Chocolate. Truffle. Tiramisù. Cream. Cake. What's not to like?!

The potatoes and the cake are now in our Etsy store at


  1. Brilliant work and entertaining post! :) That sure is one GINORMOUS potato! Your Idaho mini is stellar! The cake is, WOW!

  2. extra ces patates

    bon foot!

    1. Merci :)

      Oui, avec la France et l'Angleterre qui jouent ce soir, ça va être difficile de l'éviter !