Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Final Halloween Miniatures....

Anyone wandering the streets of a typical French town this week would be hard-pressed to find any evidence that it's Halloween this weekend. The French don't really "do" Halloween, but are we going to let that stop us joining in the Halloween fun?


We've just finished the final selection of Halloween miniatures for this year. Here are a couple of sneak peaks...

Miniature Food - Halloween, Autumn, Thanksgiving Miniature Cake by Emmaflam - Paris Miniatures
Halloween / Thanksgiving / Autumn Cake

Miniature Teapot for Halloween, Autumn, Thnksgiving by Emmaflam - Paris Miniatures
"Table" Teapot shown with a Biro pen nib

We'll post them on eBay later this evening where you'll be able to see more photos of these pieces and the rest of the items we made.

A reminder that there are still a few Halloween dessert pieces available in our Etsy store! Don't miss out!

1 comment:

  1. The cake look so... yummi...are there any pumpkin inside? Pumpkin pie are my definitely favorite snack!

    Halloween is getting more and more popular in Norway.. of course a great opportunity for the children to dress up and get hold of a lot of goodies! Some of the resistant is due to the fact that we do something similar on new years eve!