Friday, 23 October 2009

Steak and Chips!

"Chips", "French Fries", "Freedom Fries", "Pommes-Frites", call 'em what you will, nothing goes as well with a grilled steak!

Between making tons of Halloween miniatures and preparations for the upcoming "Paris Création" show, we've been trying to catch up with some commissions this week. It's been nice to work on some savoury items for a change! By the way, if you're still waiting for something, please be patient, we'll get round to you before too long...

One item requested was a "Steak-frites with salad and pepper sauce" which is shown below. Happy to report that the buyer was pleased with the result!

Miniature Food - French Fries and Grilled Steak in 12th Scale
Click for a really close "close-up"!

Talking of satisfied buyers, a big thank you to Rosanna from Genoa who has thoughtfully taken the time to post on her blog about her recent first Ebay win!


  1. Great food... as usual!!!

  2. Wonderful steak & wonder the purchaser was is amazing..(as usual!)

    Regards, Linda

  3. Thank you Synnove and Linda!
    I am used to getting hungry while making mini cakes, but I must confess that it was even worse with that steack:-)