Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween Miniatures Compilation Video!

To celebrate Halloween, we've just put together a new compilation video showcasing some of the Halloween miniatures that we made this year.

It's so "hot off the presses" that at the time of writing, some of the pieces are still available either on eBay or Etsy !

Since the beginning of October, we've created over 40 new Halloween pieces. We've been overwhelmed by all of the kind comments, emails and messages we've received about them.

If you've bought any of these pieces, we hope you enjoy seeing them immortalised in the movie!

Turn up your sound and enjoy!


  1. You are so freakin" funny, I almost had a heart attack!!!! Hahaha, I was just loving the art work and then ahhhhhh. Haha, very funny!
    Happy Halloween!!
    Margaret B

  2. I love them all. They are so cute!! ^^

  3. Thank you both!

    @Margaret - hope you've recovered from the shock ending!!!

    Did anyone else watch until the very end?