Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Upcoming Miniatures - Ladurée and Strawberries

Here's a glimpse at what we've been working on - from pink we moved onto red!

Voici un petit coup d'oeil sur les ptites nouveautés, après le rose...du rouge!!

Our visit to the zoo last week was so quick that we didn't have time to visit Ladurée!  Can you imagine that?

So we made up for it in miniature...!!

Après la visite au Jardin des Plantes, on a pas eu le courage de se traîner jusque chez Ladurée, tellement les bébés léopards nous avaient ...euh...épuisés....nerveusement...(oui, nous sommes des petites choses sensibles et fragiles, parfaitement!)
Pour rattraper le coup, j'ai joué à "on dirait qu'on serait chez Ladurée miniature et qu'on aurait les clefs et qu'on mangerait tout ce qu'on veut"! et toc!

Ladurée Set

Luxurious Ladurée goûter
Le goûter Ladurée, c'est pas pour les enfants, y a du Champagne!

Planning on putting some of this on Etsy tomorrow morning with some other pieces - too hungry to do it this evening and am waiting impatiently for the delicious-smelling lamb curry that's cooking as I write this!  Bon appétit!

Ca, et d'autres bricoles seront dispo sur Etsy demain matin, car ce soir on a trop faim de ce délicieux curry d'agneau qui mijote pendant que j'écris, bon appétit les gens!


  1. Oh Oh .. 100% d'accord pour dire qu'on serait chez Ladurée et que l'on va régalerait !
    En tout cas on en a plein les yeux ce soir !
    Bon appétit à tous les deux !

  2. Merci et Bon app' à vous aussi Marie-Christine!!

  3. Your strawberries look amazing, cannot imagine how you can make them look so real when they must be so tiny....divine!!

    Linda x

  4. All your creations are amazing, but these strawberries are indeed devine!

  5. Thank you Linda:)
    They are not particularly difficult to make, but...yes, quite a bit time consuming!!

    Thank you Anthoula!

  6. Wow, that is so sweet! (In many ways) Love the Laduree set!

  7. I don't comment that often must I say - I love your blog. Now that I have TWO girls I am wondering how to begin. It seems like a wonderful project for use to enjoy over the years. I am very creative and handy and would not be opposed to putting things together and building but I value your opinion on how to start.

    LOVE the Ladurée set!!!!

  8. What an adorable set! Ladurée is very inspiring... they have not only lovely cakes, but also amazing packaging. Even the tray is so beautiful!

  9. Thank you Mimmi!

    Thank you Parisienne farmgirl,I myself am not very quick at commenting;-)
    I don't know how to help you beginning with a dollhouse because....I don't have one! but it sure would keeps two little girls busy for a while!!That's a shame, but I have to recommend you....Google!!!!
    Beeing creative yourself, that shouln't take you long to get started:)

    Thank you Chani:)
    I love the packaging so much as well!!(actually, as I make some myself, I don't think I would buy so many of their macaroons if they came in a paper bag or a platic box;-)