Monday, 29 June 2009

Cover Star!

It's been nearly two months, but we still can't help smiling when we see the photo on the cover of "our" issue of American Miniaturist. And with temperatures around 32°C today (around 90°F for les américains), smiling is about all we can do without flopping over from exhaustion...

We just realised that the apple tart that we listed on Etsy yesterday was the very same one that was featured on the cover of the know, the one where we're on the cover. Us. Our photo. On the cover. Of the magazi...well, you get the idea...

Miniature Apple Tart on American Miniaturist

So if you want to own a slice (ho ho!) of Emmaflam & Miniman history, you can find it here!

We'll be listing a couple more pieces on Etsy in a few minutes, so watch out for those too.


  1. Wow!!! Not the cover!!! Well done!!!
    Sadly I can never find any of these miniature magazines 'down here'...I'm sure I must be living in a miniatue "void"...So very thankful for 'blogland'.

  2. I am SO happy for you!!

    What an accomplishment!

    I can only dream...