Saturday, 27 June 2009

Thank You Cherry Much!

Knock, knock, knock!

It's Saturday lunchtime and we're tucking into our chicken salad sandwiches (you see, we don't eat foie gras and snails at every meal...!). It's a slightly out-of-breath Monsieur de la Rue, our neighbour. He has a h-u-u-u-ge garden and generally when he knocks on the door, you can be sure that he has harvested something from his garden...apples, flowers, pears.

Today he looked a little stressed so we thought that maybe there had been some accident for which he needed our help.

"Non!" he explains holding out a large tub filled to the brim with cherries. "I have to pick the cherries today, there are far too many for me and they are starting to go bad on the tree! I don't have enough tubs for everyone. Now fetch something to put these into..."

You can be sure that come this evening, the majority of the village will have received their share of cherries. Guess which two miniaturists have cherry clafouti for dessert tonight...! Merci M. de la Rue!

But here's a cherry dessert of a different kind for the rest of you :-p

Miniature cherry tartlette dessert with real cherries
Cherry tartlet dessert shown with freshly picked cherries

miniature cherry tartlet dessert plate - paris miniatures - Emmaflam and Miniman
Miniature cherry tartlet dessert

The miniature dessert is due to be listed on Etsy over the weekend...if we're not too busy pigging out on cherries...