Monday, 22 June 2009

SIMP 2009

SIMP Crowd 2009So this is summer...we had a bit of a lie-in following yesterday's SIMP and on opening the workshop this lunchtime we were greeted with an oven-like waft of hot air slapping our faces. A quick check of the thermometer revealed that the workshop (basically a closed veranda) was baking in 46°C (115°F). So we closed the door and went and had breakfast...

It's the evening now and most of the leftover miniatures from yesterday's SIMP show are safely packed away.

So before settling down in front of the TV with some stuffed tomatoes (real, full-sized, edible ones - woohoo!) , we just wanted to give a shout out to a few people we met yesterday...

We arrived a good hour before the show opened which is unheard of for us. We have built up a reputation for always arriving the last, with a few minutes remaining before opening, but not this time! However we still weren't ready as the opening time arrived, no pieces were stickered up with prices, but we were delighted that Stéphanie (who is obviously much more organised for her first show than we are after 5 years!) took the time to come and say "Hi!" before the show got under way. It was a pleasure to finally meet face-to-face.

With that, the doors were opened and, braced for the rush, we were pleasantly surprised when our stand neighbour whipped out a thermos of hot water, some coffee and some delicious chocolate filled cookies and offered us some. Breakfast at last! Thank you MamiBlue!

Coffee behind the scenes SIMP 2009
Coffee and cookies behind the scenes!

We were also delighted to meet Christel Jensen who had a stand. Apart from a very small number of photos on the internet, we'd not seen much of Christel's work until yesterday, so it was lovely to see her romantic stand.

But star of the day has to be the completely crazy Rosanna, who made the round trip from Genoa to Paris in one day just to attend the show! How on earth she managed to be so bubbly and chirpy after a night spent on a train, I've no idea! That's a passion for miniatures for you!

We made a few purchases, of course. The one which surprised us the most is this miniature angel sculpture which measures just 2cm (3/4") high.

Miniature Angel Sculpture from Maria Victoria Heredia Guerbos
Miniature Angel Sculpture from Maria Victoria Heredia Guerbos

Not usually the kind of thing I go for, but I couldn't resist! (I can't find a site for this maker, so if anybody knows of one, please leave a comment and I'll add a link to it here...)

The day seemed to fly by and before we knew it we were on the way home, happy to have met new people, seen new work, and added a few more pieces to our own collections!

Roll on next year!


  1. La miniature que vous avez acheté est très jolie, et j'aime beaucoup le travail de Christel Jensen...mais rien ne remplacera jamais Emmaflam et Miniman! Mon ami m'a vu flâner sur le blog, il m'a dit "tu es encore sur ton blog de bouf!" haha je lui ai répondu que non, c'était des miniatures! il a été vraiment bluffé!


  2. 2cm????? Oo
    Très impressionnant!
    En ce qui me concerne, Christel est venu me dire bonjour (je la connais du forum de CDHM) et j'ai fait un stop de 5 secondes à son stand pensant repasser plus tard et je n'ai pas eu le temps! A desesperer! Je n'ai meme pas pu lui dire au revoir, je ne sais pas comment le SIMP s'est passé pour elle.

    En ce qui concerne l'organisation, c'est un peu ma spécialité :D

  3. The 'angel sculpture' is amazing...I love it!! detailed, so beauiful, I can see why you 'had' to have it!!
    Sounds like you all had so much fun at SIMP, now I feel like I have really 'missed-out' ....perhaps I can get back for next year???
    Regards, Linda

  4. Only a bit crazy I hope ;o)) after the show we managed to go to Notre Dame and to have a stroll around Hotelde la Vlle. We listened to some gorgeous music played in the Metro by a group of string instruments and then we jumped on the train.After a good night of sleep we arrived in Genoa at 8.00 am. I'd do it again any time. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  5. Hello!
    I'd like to tell you that Maria Victoria Heredia's sculptures are absolutely amazing. She lives in Málaga (Spain) and she uses to attend Tom Bishop Shows in Madrid (May and November), as well as other fairs in our country. Unfortunately, she has no website yet (as far as I know). I do have her email address, but I don't know if it's fine to post it here. :( Please, tell me...

    BTW, I adore your work!

  6. I love your miniatures, You do such excellent work:) I enjoyed talking to you at the Simp fair. So nice person. The mini box with the biscuits are drop dead gorgeous. Hope I see you again soon:)