Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday Flashback - Charlottes!

It's hard to hear the name Charlotte without immediately thinking of a web, a Bronte, a Church or (for the more "mature" chaps) a Rampling!

But we bet everyone following this blog is already thinking "a cake"!

We've made a few (dozen) miniature charlottes over the years and love their versatility. It's interesting to create these in miniature because the decoration can be as wild and as original as your own imagination!

So here are a few from our recent past that you might have missed...

Handmade Miniature Floral Charlotte with tiny hand sculpted roses
Floral Charlotte - May 2008

This one has a floral decoration. I really enjoy making tiny roses and this piece just called out for some in pastel colours. As always, a good bow is very important - if it's too big and uneven, it ruins the whole piece.

Handmade Miniature Charlotte - Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette Charlotte - September 2007

This one turned out very pink! Again, there are roses, some sugared rose petals and some French Calissons d'Aix candies. We baptised it the "Marie Antoinette" although it was created a good six months before our popular Marie Antoinette Collection was even dreamt up. I don't think we'd even seen the film at the time this piece was born.

Handmade Miniature Charlotte Made from Individual Eclairs and Religieuses
Eclair and Religieuse Charlotte - October 2007

This charlotte (again, very pink!) uses those two classic French pastries the eclair and the religieuse. The eclair replaces the traditional sponge lady finger biscuits. Not too sure how you'd go about eating a real one of these...

But charlottes don't have to be sweet...

Miniature Asparagus Charlotte
Asparagus Charlotte - July 2007

This asparagus charlotte uses the traditional structure of the charlotte and replaces the sponge fingers with asparagus and the filling is creamy goat's cheese and herb.

But let's not forget the newest addition to our charlottes - the long macaroon charlotte...

Long macaroon charlotte in miniature from Paris Miniatures - Emmaflam and Miniman
Long Macaroon Charlotte - March 2009

This particular one is ready for the SIMP for collection by one of our regular stand visitors.

So, as with the girl's name Charlotte, charlottes can span a wide variety of styles and tastes :o)


  1. Elles sont toutes très jolies et spécialement la "marie Antoinette Charlotte", décidément j'ai vraiment un faible pour les gâteaux Marie Antoinette!
    En plus, ces gâteaux ont un très joli prénom ;)


  2. Absolutely exquisite - and I love the asparagus charlotte, so beautifully unique, I've never seen anything like it.