Sunday, 5 July 2009

Friday Flashback - Pink Week - 150 Miniatures!

This week we are pleased to unveil our new "Pink Week" collection for 2009.

To celebrate this, our fifth year, we present here a quick retrospective of our previous "Pink Week" collections.

For those of you who didn't know us back then, our first Pink Week collection in 2005 was a fun exercise to see how many miniature items featuring the colour pink we could come up with. A way of pushing our creativity and presenting some non-food items to the world. As you'll see below, there has been an eclectic mix over the last five years!

We enjoyed it so much that in 2006, after we had started to build up an impressive following, we wanted to offer another collection for those that had missed the first.

Since then we have created a new "Pink Week" collection every year. The start of summer sees 30 new pink miniatures listed on eBay and this year is no exception!

So, that's 5 years of 30 items, which means that on this page alone, you're going to be treated to one hundred and fifty pink miniatures!!!

We do hope you enjoy them!

The current Pink Week runs from 2 -12 July 2009 on Ebay and can be found by clicking here

Pink Week 2005
Pink Week Collection from 2005 - the one that started it all!

Pink Week 2006
From 2006

Pink Week 2007
From 2007

Pink Week 2008
From 2008 (pushed for time, we used the same layout as 2007, but the items are all different!)

And so onto this year....

Pink Week 2009
2009's collection which can be found right now on eBay!

So now you've seen all the "Pink Week" collections, which is your favourite year? Use the poll on the top right of the page to vote!

Which is your favourite piece? Maybe you were even lucky enough to win one of our "Pink Week" pieces?

Do share it with us by leaving a comment and we'll aim to post better pictures of your favourite pieces over the next few days!


  1. Please don't tempt me with Etsy again...but I really love the cake in the centre of this years table...with the roses on beautiful!!! Regards, Linda'd 3.30 in the morning, I really should get to bed....

  2. Everything lovely but the red teapot of 2005 and the cups with the marshmallows of 2006 are to die for.Hugs

  3. I love the cake with the eiffel tower a macaroon! So cute!

  4. Hi. Oh my it is a vey hard choice as love everything you make:) I love the white cake with roses and berries on the 2009 table most.

  5. How can anyone pick a favorite? If I had to, I would pick all the beautiful teapots and painted dishes first! And then, and then, and then. Just too awesome!