Thursday, 23 July 2009

Miniature Paper Cake Cases

We've just been making some miniature pastries (surprise surprise!) and thought we'd share with you one of the elements that we needed to make - miniature paper cake cases!

Three miniature paper cake cases by emmaflam Paris miniatures
Some of our miniature cake cases

Three miniature cake case shown on a real cake case
Shown on a real cake case (love these pink ones with the French writing on them!) and a pen nib

Miniature cake stand holding a selection of miniature handmade pastries shown on a full size paper cake case
Finished pastries shown on a real cake case


  1. Hey guys, you muct be psychic - I was talking to another 'foodie' today and I said I wish I could buy real paper cake cases!!
    I do intend to try to make some but it is always the wretched 'time' factor.
    They look superb.

  2. oh goodness gracious!! i've been wanting to buy/make paper cases for so long!! you guys are genious if you've made it yourself!

    tried making with paper and by folding and it got so messy! can i ask for any tips on how to do it? if it's a secret then just ignore this comment! :)

  3. Ohh my gosh, they look so remarkably real I can't believe it!

  4. OMIGOSH! i tried making some weeks back, they didn't turn out even half as good as yours!

    *tosses her cake casings away*

    good job!

  5. Thank you everyone!!
    Of course it's homemade, and obviously it's a secret ;-)
    ...and part of the secret is throwing an awful lot of them to the bin....I mean A LOT :-(
    The choice of the paper is a big part of it , and I used this one by chance, and have no idea where to get some more because I had it for years "sleeping" with piles of various"might be useful one day" types of I might confess I got quite lucky!!

  6. Parfait!
    Il faut que j'essaye d'en faire moi aussi, ça ajoute une touche de réalisme incroyable!
    Et tant pis si on en jette 20 pour en avoir 1 :D

  7. Your miniature cake cases are as sweet as your cake miniatures. Incredible - so tiny.


    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany